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First Blockchain Islamic bank HADA DBank Announces Listing of its Hada Coin on F1Cryptos Exchange

World’s first blockchain-based Islamic bank HADA DBank announced that its Hada coin will be listed on Scandinavian owned cryptocurrency trading platform F1Cryptos, following a successful crowd-sale.

F1Cryptos approached Hada DBank to list Hada Coin on their exchange, and they accepted given that both companies share the same vision for blockchain technology and its future place in the world.

Ernest Loh, Head of PR at Hada DBank, interviewed F1Cryptos partner Michael Buchbinder, where they discussed the listing as well as several topics pertaining to the Blockchain space.

Michael Buchbinder elaborated on the origin and success story of F1Cryptos, as he explained “Long before crypto exchanges grew in notoriety, running an FX brokerage and asset management firm was our forte for many years. However, we quickly recognized shifts in the fintech world when it comes to cryptocurrency. We wanted to accept crypto payments from clients to trade with our FX brokerage. Hence, we took a trip to New York to meet several service providers. During our trip, we learned that the technology was a whole exchange.  We knew we could take our expertise from the FX industry and bring the best experience to clients in cryptos.”

When asked about how he came across Hada Coin, Buchbinder said “I was having a chat with the president of DE Asset Management Limited, Darrell Emmanuel. As he happens to be one of the advisors for Hada DBank, he made the introduction to Hada Coin and we went on doing more research into them.”

Buchbinder mentioned that the idea and business of Hada Coin are realistic and there aren’t many Islamic Digital banks with an intent towards reaching out to the unbanked like Hada. He continued “We came to understand that their business model brings value in what seems to be a fair and just interaction with the customer. This is where we saw the opportunity if their customer can benefit, the company has potential.”

When asked about the demographics of cryptocurrency and the efforts F1Cryptos are doing to attract the younger crowd that trade on the platform, Buchbinder said “Our core is focusing on working with and educating institutions and funds, we also plan on engaging the age demographic between 20-30 that really seem to be embracing blockchain and the new possibilities emerging with cryptocurrencies. We plan on reaching them through social media platforms and other chat groups such as telegram and other avenues they use.”

Michael Buchbinder elaborated on the set of criteria used to choose potential cryptocurrencies to be listed by saying “Each cryptocurrency is unique, however, we like to see a viable idea. We believe many have great visions but finding the right balance between a great idea and having the right framework to execute these ideas are just as vital. These are easily the main variables while considering whether to list a cryptocurrency on our exchange.”

He also mentioned that HADA Coin will appear in the drop-down menu of available trading pairs, for all of the users of their exchange, which excites their clients as “They are always excited to have premier buying opportunities to get in at the beginning.”

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