A New Innovation on Blockchain Will Help Eliminate Medical Errors

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Medicalchain is planning on leveraging blockchain technology to drastically improve the healthcare sector. Medicalchain aims to use the technology to enable patients around the world to allow a chosen healthcare professional access to their personal healthcare record. According to Medicalchain’s white paper, their platform will provide a secure and fast exchange of medical data.

The Blockchain start-up can provide patients with the technology they need to access and control their personal health record. The number of doctors and patients that are keen to have access to this platform is already growing exponentially. To meet the needs of their early adopters, Medicalchain will create a mobile application system which allows patients and doctors access to pre-registration, prior to the platform release.

So far, $20M USD worth of MedTokens have been sold during the pre-sale period. Due to the unprecedented demand, the pre-sale was concluded earlier than scheduled.

“We are humbled at the response we have received from our dedicated and passionate community. A special thank you to our advisors who have been invaluable in our ongoing success.” — says co-founder and COO of Medicalchain, Mohammad Tayeb.

MedTokens will be used to purchase healthcare services via the Medicalchain platform. Users will access services by exchanging utility tokens directly with doctors and healthcare providers. The first application of many using MedTokens, is the Telemedicine Consultation Application. With this, patients and doctors can communicate using mobile, tablet or desktop video conferencing from anywhere in the world.

The MedToken will also be used by research institutes and pharmaceutical companies, to reward users that choose to share their data. Companies requiring healthcare information will be able to seek out users on Medicalchain that have volunteered to assist in research. Companies will no longer need to approach a hospital or clinic and can go straight to the individuals whose information will be used. Not only will this increase efficiency, but it is a more transparent process that strikes a relationship which is efficient and sustainable.

Medicalchain is seeking to develop a thriving ecosystem of applications and services. In turn, these applications and services will generate more data, which will be valuable for research institutions and pharmaceutical companies and help drive the growth of the Medicalchain platform.

“As part of the ecosystem we are building, we are inviting developers to build their apps on the platform in order to further grow the personalized experience for each user. Apps that interlock with a patient’s health record and provide the user with a personalized fitness and diet plan, are a stellar example.” says Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO of Medicalchain. “Monitoring the food you eat and how much exercise you do – this can all be recorded in real-time from wearable devices and stored on the Medicalchain platform.”

To create a world in which the patient is truly at the heart of healthcare, requires services to be directly accessible by the user. Borderless access to services can be satisfied with cryptocurrency. Medicalchain’s goal is to build a system that enables people to have access to their health records, their doctor and other health services remotely from anywhere in the world.

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