Startup of Dubai launches RKC Token ICO

The goal of the government of Dubai to become the world capital of Blockchain Tech, Royal Kingdom Enterprise, headquartered in Dubai, focuses on contributing to the consolidation of this ideal by developing solutions based on Blockchain technology. To achieve this objective, the company will promote an ICO through of its token named Royal Kingdom coin.

Abu Sulayman Saleh, CEO of Royal Kingdom Enterprise, cited in a statement: “Dubai is the most appropriate place in the world today to start blockchain startups, and it is quickly becoming a startup incubator for this market segment. We intend to make Royal Kingdom Enterprise a known player in Blockchain tech field, continuing to develop solutions based on the current needs. It is a really exciting area to work in, but we understand there are many new challenges we have to face first to secure our place among the key organizations dedicating their effort to contribute to the Blockchain community as well.”

The Royal Kingdom Enterprise decided to seek funding through crowdfunding, developing its own token (Royal Kingdom coin-RKC), a ERC20 at the top of the blockchain of the Ethereum platform. The issuance of the RKC token aims at the voluntary participation of network users to promote projects proposed by the company.

The Royal Kingdom coin will show itself as a reflection of the organization’s positive performance, obtaining its own market value, being regarded as a consumable virtual product. 

The ICO is a transformative step for the development of the projects of the Royal Kingdom Enterprise, as it makes it possible through the community’s participation to construct ideas and share the results.

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