Dell subsidiary seeks Blockchain patent application for Data Transfers

VMWare, a subsidiary of computing player Dell, presented an application to patent a system that uses blockchain in order to enhance the speed of data transfers.

VMWare, which focuses mainly on cloud computing and virtualization services, detailed in its patent application a "hybrid-blockchain" approach, which would see computers connected via a distributed network exchanging "tokens" that contain "metadata regarding a data set to be transferred."

It is stated in the application, that "The token can be transmitted using a blockchain network that is accessible to the first and second computer systems via a public network. The first computer system can then upload the data set to the one or more cloud storage service addresses via the public network, and the second computer system can download the data set from the one or more cloud storage service addresses via the public network."

Tokens within a Blockchain network "cannot be forged without having control over the majority of the computational power in the network," which emphasizes the security of this technology and its strength when used as part of a data-transfer system.

The application also offers a view into how Dell might be looking at potentially applying the Blockchain technology.

Author: US Patent & Trademark Office