Diamonds, a secure wealth storage solution on the Blockchain

By combining the scarcity of diamonds with the immutability and wealth creation system of the blockchain, DMD Diamond was created in June 2013. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrency on the market, that allows users to send money anywhere in the world instantly and securely at near zero cost. The coin focuses on creating a multi-entry, high rewards monetary system to facilitate financial freedom through blockchain tech. By limiting the total coin supply and emission rate, DMD Diamond coin provides an interest bearing asset with hi­gh annual interest rate.

Having undergone several revisions and improvements, DMD Diamond has never changed its’ core values of being a non-government controlled digital currency for secured wealth creation supported by network protocols, infrastructure and services of the Blockchain.

The amount of DMD coins is finite. In just over 4.5 years since the first block was mined, the system produced almost 2.5 million coins, which is halfway to its’ final total of 4.38 million coins. The early adopters’ stage is supported by the protocol’s generous rewards scheme which follows a decreasing curve rate; block rewards are smoothly reducing over time without abrupt reward halving. Within the next 10 years, the interest rate will be gradually falling from the current 25% to 1% ending the era of easily obtainable DMD Diamond coins.

DMD Diamond is easily obtained and profited from through its Proof-of-Stake 3.0 and a state-of-the-art consensus protocol, which significantly reduces carbon footprint and electricity consumption making it environmentally friendly.

It has also introduced the Masternode integration with the most recent network update. This Layer 2 protocol provides additional services to the network by introducing swift and improved anonymity features to transactions on the platform. It also provides an increased compensation of 65% for every reward block. 10000 DMD are required to start or join a shared Masternodes program which guarantees regular and frequent payouts for every Masternode connected to the network.

Currently, 50% of all coins have are now locked in Masternode and off the speculative markets, proving there is huge demand for these services. The update also placed DMD Diamond coin among the prestigious SegWit enabled cryptocurrencies.

The upgrading of DMD Diamond consensus mechanism to Proof-of-Stake is not the end for miners who wish to continue to use their equipment to mine the coin. Mining is still available through Diamond Multipool where hash power provided to NiceHash are automatically converted to DMD coins.

Over the years, DMD Diamond has demonstrated a spectacular ability to simultaneously hold value and grown, reaching a growth of 4500% in a year that saw Bitcoin grow by just 600% in comparison.


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