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Parity Technologies and Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood on blockchain developments

Parity technologies , the second-largest provider of Ethereum protocol software used by 25% of the network,  have successfully upgraded to a new software due to the discovery of bugs forcing network nodes to split onto a different version of the protocol.

As a result, Ehtereum co-founder Gavin Wood  considered the situation as an indicator that further developments and advancements are required, and proposed various changes such as the scheduling retreats with multiple software providers

As he stated to Coin Desk “There needs to be a more conservative approach to the specification, development, testing and deployment for major protocol alterations like Byzantium… It should be ascertained to as great a degree as possible that all major implementations are in consensus before any determination of a hard fork block.”

Parity Technologies have released in April 2017 the Parity Bitcoin technology stack, which offers a new implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, written in Rust. This provides a higher performance and more reliable alternative to Bitcoin software that are already on the market.

In fact, Wood advanced the added value of Rust’s clean code, performance and reliability on the competitiveness of Parity Bitcoin.  And Parity aims to enhance interoperability between Ethereum and other blockchains, and increase the robustness of the software against  blockchain attacks.

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