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Talan Group, Developing Blockchain Solutions for Clients Globally

  Talan Group, a 15 year old French business, IT consultancy and system integrator with over 1700 consultants around the world: Paris, Tunis, London, Geneva, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Hong Kong, Luxembourg… and has been researching and developing Blockchain solutions for the past two years. 

Imen Ayari, Head of Talan Innovation Factory clearly states, “If we want to give our clients the best and most relevant consultation, we have to first understand how Blockchain technology is leveraging business and collaboration, we need to benchmark the different “versions” and tools, and if missing create our own tools, and finally, implement business use cases to witness the benefits and also the limitations of such disruptive technology. This is what we have done, a hands-on approach to provide our clients with real-life advice based on our “walk the walk” experience.” 

Talan first works with clients on studying the impact of Blockchain solutions on their business model. If it is applicable and will add value then they move ahead with implementation and proof-of-concepts.  Today many private companies and government institutions are using Talan in Tunis and elsewhere to outsource their research and development activities. To date Talan has come up with more than twelve use cases in different area (IOT, Finance, Telecom, public sector,…). According to Ayari, “We came up with a proof-of-concept based on blockchain technology for forward exchange to resolve the counterpart risk for over the counter exchanges. As well as worked to provide regulators with the capability to digitalize their own fiat-currency to a crypto-currency and to be able to implement and monitor the Monetary Policy on-chain. ” 

Talan’s Blockchain team is participating in Hackathons to keep in touch with big players and remain up-to-date. In this matter, they won prizes in Tunisia and Singapore and willing to participate to the ETHWaterloo Hackathon tacking place in Waterloo Canada on October 13th-15th.

 Another solution embarked upon by Talan was for real-estate regulation. Talan is also working with two telecom operators one for a loyalty program and another one for roaming interconnectivity. As Ayari stated, “Today billing between operators is tedious time consuming and expensive with a Blockchain roaming interconnectivity on the Blockchain it become simpler, faster and more efficient.” 

In conclusion Ayari is adamant that the benefits of Blockchain can be best utilized for cross border business creating a trusted community where no trust existed before. Talan utilizes Ethereum open source. Ayari explained, “We are also keeping a close eye on Fabric Hyperledger as both are progressing to meet the same target.”

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