eFatoora supports Dubai’s mandate to go paperless by 2021

The 37th GITEX Technology Week conference, which will open on October 8th 2017, aims to create an immersive, engaging and rewarding experience where businesses can bring all of their challenges, discuss collaborations and develop plans to expand and launch new products and innovations. eFatoora is showcasing their paperless solution during the exciting five-day show.

In April of this year, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, announced the emirate will celebrate its last paper transaction in government by 2021 – a highly ambitious target for officials. In support of this initiative, eFatoora has revealed plans to help promote this vision through combined efforts with local government entities.

A new turnkey solution, eFatoora is designed to enable any environment to become paperless with superior efficiency. With the number of innovations and smart technologies emerging in the region, Dubai could be the world’s first paperless smart city. eFatoora has expressed its commitment in promoting and being a part of this reality.

The company is also set to unveil its own loyalty program, which will allow consumers to use the paperless app with any retailer.  The vision comes from eFatoora Chief Executive Officer Yasmine Khan, who said: “Carrying so much plastic in your wallet and so many cards can become a burden for consumers, especially, for women who like to shop, receive offers and discounts – but have become increasingly tired with the number of cards and offers that you need to sign up for while shopping.”

“The eFatoora experience should be an effortless procedure for customers, making the shopping and loyalty aspects seamless.  We are extremely excited to be showcasing our paperless solution and loyalty program at GITEX 2017 and have bigger plans to expand beyond the UAE—taking in mind our commitment to promote environmental sustainability with the promise of reducing carbon footprint as a priority CSR,” explained Khan.

The eFatoora app will contribute significantly to the efforts to deliver a reduction in carbon footprint, as millions of tonnes of paper are wasted in unwanted receipts and documents. One tonne of paper requires 17 trees, 180 gallons of oil, 6953 gallons of water, circulates 587 pounds of air pollution, uses 4077 kilowatts of energy and takes up 3,06 cubic yards of landfill space.

“eFatoora is an effortless ‘plug-and-play’ system that offers seamless integration and promises to reduce waste for retailers, government departments, the hotel industry, healthcare and the security sector.  The app is easy to install without additional signups, cards, alterations to point-of-sale systems or existing privilege programs. It is a simple and effective way of promoting and creating a paperless society, whilst engaging at the highest level with rich data that can assist in making Dubai the happiest city in the world.

The Dubai Pulse data platform will host all of Dubai’s data generated through smart initiatives and other sources, which will act as a single, centralized live source of city data. The platform will include open and private government data organized into three layers of free open data; analytics for academic, professional, commercial and economic purposes that are available for a fee; and a third layer of data which will be available only to Dubai government entities. 

This is the perfect time as the smart initiative plan includes infrastructure, legislation and applications that fall in line with the requirements of the Dubai 10X initiative, which was launched in February to help the implementation of the vision of Dubai as a city of the future. The plan also complements the UAE Centennial 2071, launched in March, and is aimed at making the UAE the best country in the world.

With more businesses and governments adopting a green way of thinking, re-aligning basic practices in information technology can play a driving role in making us environmentally responsible and promoting corporate social responsibility. eFatoora supports these visions along with its commitment to give back to the environment and community. eFatoora is designed to enhance the emirate’s paperless vision for 2021 and promotes corporate social responsibility,” concluded Yasmine Khan.

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