Dell EMC: Blockchain Technology Unlocks new Enterprise Value

Recently Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President ME Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC issued a statement explaining the important link between big data and Blockchain technology, “Today, big data appears to be restricted by access, authenticity and monetization challenges. However, sharing data through blockchain technology, can not only help in unlocking new enterprise value for organizations but also address three of its unresolved challenges: controlling data, ensuring data credibility, and building universal exchanges. Therefore, blockchain technology is proving to be an effective approach to create a universally cohesive ecosystem that enables better collaboration for data exchange that can accelerate development of smart cities and transform mainstay industries such as healthcare and financial services. Dell EMC is dedicated to unlocking the real potential of data as an economic asset by making it more accessible and democratized – central to the core objectives of the Dubai Blockchain strategy.”

Mr. Amin essentially reiterated Dell EMC commitment to unlocking the potential of data as an economic asset specifically in line with Dubai Blockchain Strategy.

This is not the first time that DELL EMC discusses Blockchain and its importance. In a video on Dell EMC website, Dell CTO John Roese talks about the importance of Blockchain and says, “Blockchain distributed ledger will create new business models and is making us rethink the way we deliver database infrastructure and how we architect the data management layer.”

Moreover in a recent interview piece with ITPro Mr. Jason Ward, senior Director of enterprise UK&India at Dell EMC, stated, “Blockchain can streamline clearing processes and internal operations for banks and has huge potential for governments to combat fraud, error and cost of paper based systems.”

As such it seems that DELL EMC as have others before them are moving into the realm of Blockchain in full force. In September 2016 DELL EMC filed a Blockchain patent. 

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