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HPE Customers testing HPE R3 Blockchain Enterprise solution

HPE back in June partnered with R3 to bring Corda to mission critical HPE Systems ushering it into the Blockchain domain. Today HPE customers are said to be testing the company’s custom create distributed ledger software. It is an implementation that brings in Corda technology with H[ non-stop infrastructure. 

HPE has been building up to this moment since at least February of this year, and the company has been working both in person and remotely with members of R3’s global engineering team to customize the open-source version of Corda.

And that’s in line with R3’s own recommendations. The consortium’s managing director Ricardo Correia compared the free version of Corda to “a fully functioning heartbeat,” one without “all of the necessary vital organs attached to it.”

To give it the “fully redundant” and scalable “organs” demanded by enterprises, users must either implement R3’s enterprise services or build it themselves; it’s the latter route that HPE is demonstrating with its project.

In this case, the firm hired R3 to help integrate the software with its distributed systems, the result of which was revealed at HPE Discover event in June. HPE and R3 will bring Blockchain to workloads that run at enterprise scale. A proof of concept being tested by customers was create in collaboration with HPE labs. 

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