Hyperledger Releases 1st Production Ready Blockchain Software

Hyperledger Releases 1st Production Ready Blockchain Software

 Hyperledger Consortium has announced the release of the first production-ready solution for building applications, Fabric1.0 

HyperLedger Groups executive director Brian Behlendorf indicated that production-grade functionality is just a download and a few tweaks away. Once existing users of Fabric's previous versions "grab" the new version 1.0 code, as Behlendorf described the process, a few changes to the interface will need to be made, and any changes made to the "Chaincode" already being used from the earlier version will need to be modified.

According to Behlendorf, these improvements are fundamental for providing varying degrees of access to information (such as a provenance tracking company that needs to prove the origin of an object to its very source), while still protecting the price paid in a business transaction, for example.

Among the 30 or so projects that are tracked on the Hyperledger site, are ones including companies such as the Santiago Stock ExchangeSwift and the TMX Group.


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