Cisco works on IoT Blockchain for the Network identity and Transactions

At Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Unlock met briefly with CEO of Cisco, Chuck Robbins and asked him about Blockchain. As he commented, “We are still studying Blockchain and working on proofs of concept but have yet to announce anything.  We are figuring out how Blockchain will work and we believe there are possibilities in creating registered identity for devices on the IoT network as well as  internet of things transactions such as solar roofs selling energy or washing machines being used in return for a certain fee on the Blockchain.”

Last January Cisco, Bosch, BNY Mellon, FoxConn Technology Group, Gemalto Consensys, Bitse and others launched a new IoT Blockchain consortium focused on Blockchain and the internet of things applications. The group intends to collaborate to develop shared Blockchain protocol for the internet of things.

In April the consortium created an API that supports technologies offered by Ethereum, Quorum, and Hyperledger. The API allows users to register multiple kinds of weaker identities including serial numbers QR codes and UPC code identities and bind them strong cryptographic identities. These SDKs were in beta. Cisco and Bosch had offered new information on how they were using Blockchain technologies in proof of concept projects specifically in the domain of device registration identities using the API.

As for now, Cisco and its CEO Chuck Robbins are focused on launching their “Intuitive Network” for secure, intelligent, networking as billions of devices get connected by 2020. 

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