New Operating System running on Blockchain is coming out soon

Just like Windows Operating System transformed how we use computers Blockchain operating System will do the same for blockchain, a developer of Blockchain technologies for businesses is developing an open source software for, a new Blockchain operating system designed to support commercial decentralized applications.

The software being developed for EOS plans to use the asynchronous communication of smart contracts and parallel processing in order to support thousands of applications and millions of transactions on the blockchain simultaneously. The software behind EOS is also being designed to enable applications that don’t require blockchain users to pay for every transaction, making it possible to create freemium applications. This enables new blockchain users to get involved without having to navigate the complex process of purchasing a cryptocurrency.

“Existing applications such as exchanges and social media already service millions of customers daily and require a platform that can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. With EOS, we are building software to allow businesses to build their applications using architecture similar to modern website frameworks. This would allow a whole range of businesses to use the blockchain, similar to the way that the computing era exploded after Microsoft Windows enabled developers to build interoperable software,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO. “Corporations that build applications on top of EOS can take advantage of the security, authenticity and transparency of the blockchain to build and support global-scale decentralized projects.”

Brendan Blumer CEO has been involved since 2014, Brendan is a serial entrepreneur who has built businesses in virtual currencies, and 1 group India.

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