Major Gaming Token Unlocks Expected in February, Potentially Harvesting Millions

A series of major token unlocks are scheduled to occur by the end of February, potentially impacting the market dynamics for gaming-related tokens such as The Sandbox (SAND) and Parallel (PRIME).

According to estimations by crypto dashboard TokenUnlocks, The Sandbox is ready to kick off the series, with approximately 205.59 million SAND set to unlock on Wednesday.

This release includes allocations for the team, advisors, and company reserves, amounting to roughly $99.2 million at the current market price.

Following suit, on February 16, 15.6 million ApeCoin (APE) tokens are scheduled to unlock, primarily allocated to contributors of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and its founders, among others.

This release represents approximately $23.1 million worth of tokens, a mere fraction of the circulating supply.

Immutable, beginning on February 22, will initiate a 28-day linear unlock of 1.22 million IMX tokens per day, totaling $3.66 million worth based on current prices. These tokens are designated for ecosystem and project development funds, as well as private token sales.

Aptos, another notable player in the crypto space, will witness a substantial release of tokens, amounting to roughly $224.82 million worth by the end of February. This release accounts for approximately 7.32% of its total token supply, though representing less than 1% of the circulating supply.

Towards the end of the month, PRIME token holders will also see 1.66 million tokens unlocked, equivalent to nearly $16.1 million. This unlock stands at just under 5% of the current circulating supply.

In addition, Yield Guild Games is poised for an unlock of 16.69 million YGG tokens on February 27, valued at approximately $7.89 million, according to Decrypt.

These token unlocks are important moments for the respective projects, as they introduce new tokens into the market. However, they also bring the potential for sell pressure, as contributors and investors may choose to liquidate their holdings, affecting token prices.

Despite potential short-term market impacts, some of these tokens have experienced notable gains in recent weeks. IMX, for instance, has seen a 33% increase in value over the past month, while ApeCoin and PRIME have also recorded double-digit gains.

Looking ahead, major tokens like Avalanche (AVAX), Aptos (APT), and Optimism (OP) are also ready for significant unlocks in February, further shaping the crypto landscape and investor sentiment in the coming weeks.

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