Future Blockchain Summit Dubai

The Future Blockchain Summit Dubai is a groundbreaking event at the forefront of the global blockchain revolution. As the world’s leading blockchain technology and cryptocurrency gathering, this summit brings together industry experts, innovators, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe to explore and shape the future of blockchain technology.

Unlock Blockchain will be live on the ground at the 2023 Future of Blockchain Summit Dubai. Follow along here.

Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been hailed as the foundation for the next industrial revolution. With its decentralized and transparent nature, it has the potential to transform industries such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, and more. The Future Blockchain Summit Dubai is your gateway to understanding the limitless possibilities of blockchain and how it can drive innovation and efficiency in various sectors.

Key Highlights of Future Blockchain Summit Dubai

  1. World-Class Speakers: Join us as we host some of the most influential thought leaders, blockchain pioneers, and industry experts who will share their insights and experiences.
  2. Cutting-Edge Exhibitions: Explore the latest blockchain technologies, projects, and solutions showcased by leading companies and startups in the expansive exhibition area.
  3. Investor Opportunities: Connect with venture capitalists, angel investors, and blockchain funds looking for the next big thing in blockchain innovation.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Build valuable connections with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators during dedicated networking sessions and meetups.
  5. Educational Workshops: Dive deep into blockchain concepts, smart contracts, DeFi, NFTs, and more through hands-on workshops and interactive sessions.
  6. Startup Pitch Competitions: Witness the most promising blockchain startups compete for recognition and funding.
  7. Regulatory Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  8. Sustainable Blockchain: Learn how blockchain technology can contribute to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

Why Attend Future Blockchain Summit Dubai?

  • Global Impact: Dubai is a thriving global hub for blockchain innovation, making it the perfect location to connect with international players in the blockchain space.
  • Knowledge and Insights: Stay ahead of the curve by learning from experts and staying updated on the latest blockchain trends and developments.
  • Investment Opportunities: Discover exciting investment prospects in blockchain projects and startups with the potential for exponential growth.
  • Networking: Forge meaningful connections with industry leaders, potential partners, and collaborators who can help shape your blockchain journey.
  • Innovation: Witness groundbreaking blockchain projects and technologies that have the power to disrupt industries and transform businesses.

Unlock Blockchain at the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai

Whether you are a seasoned blockchain professional, an entrepreneur exploring blockchain opportunities, or simply curious about the future of this revolutionary technology, the Future Blockchain Summit Dubai is the premier event to attend. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the blockchain revolution and chart a course toward a decentralized future. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey that will shape the future of industries worldwide.

Future of Blockchain Summit Dubai location

Future Blockchain Summit Dubai, 2023 Shifts to Dubai Harbour

The upcoming Future Blockchain Summit, slated for October 15-18, 2023, will be hosted at Dubai Harbour. This edition of the event is undergoing significant changes to focus on facilitating networking, sharing insights, and fostering innovation within the Web 3.0, Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, and Gaming communities.

During the four-day event, industry leaders will have the opportunity to network, attend informative sessions, participate in funding opportunities like the Supernova Challenge and the Investors Program & Forum, engage in Academic Masterclasses, and take part in the Web 3.0 Gaming Showdown.

Future of Blockchain Summit Dubai, Speaker List

FERNANDO GARIBAY Polymath, DJ, Author, Academic, & Music Producer Sebastien Borget SEBASTIEN BORGET The Sandbox Gracy Chen GRACY CHEN Managing Director, Bitget Michael Shaulov MICHAEL SHAULOV CEO & Co-Founder, Fireblocks Teana Baker TEANA BAKER VP of Policy and Strategy, Circle EMEA H.E. DR. Rolando Zubiran Robert H.E. DR. ROLANDO ZUBIRAN ROBERT A Pioneer in Economic Policy, Innovation, and Creative Economies, MESMR linkedin Sergej Kunz SERGEJ KUNZ Co-Founder, 1inch Network OG Arabian Prince OG ARABIAN PRINCE Founder, iNov8 Next Open Labs Jeff Horowitz JEFF HOROWITZ Chief Compliance Officer, BitGo Brian Rose BRIAN ROSE Host, London Real Brock Pierce BROCK PIERCE Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation David Chaum DAVID CHAUM Founder, XX Network Tim Kring TIM KRING Screenwriter and Producer , Emmy-Award winning creator of the drama series ‘Heroes’ Walid Benothman WALID BENOTHMAN Head of Growth , 1inch Network Lamar Wilson LAMAR WILSON Author & Co-Founder, Black Bitcoin Billionaires Anil Sethi ANIL SETHI CEO, Creed & Bear Prakash Somosundram PRAKASH SOMOSUNDRAM CEO & Co-Founder, Enjinstarter linkedin Saqr Mashhor Ereiqat SAQR MASHHOR EREIQAT Co-Founder, Crypto Oasis Miriam Kiwan MIRIAM KIWAN Vice President, Circle Ralf Glabischnig RALF GLABISCHNIG Founder & Board Member, Crypto Oasis Isabella Williamson ISABELLA WILLIAMSON Associate Director, Consulum Paul “The Profit” Dawalibi PAUL “THE PROFIT” DAWALIBI CEO, Holodeck Ventures Manoj Narender Madnani MANOJ NARENDER MADNANI CEO & Co-Founder, Beacon Media linkedin Mel Gelderman MEL GELDERMAN CEO & Founder, Token.com Oliver Studd OLIVER STUDD Founder & CEO, Valhalla Network Odelia Torteman ODELIA TORTEMAN Global Digital Finance Specialist and Advisor, IFC – International Finance Corporation (The World Bank Group) Hervé Larren HERVÉ LARREN Airvey.io Arushi Goel ARUSHI GOEL Data Policy and Blockchain Specialist, World Economic Forum Marwane Lairi MARWANE LAIRI Co-founder & CEO, Avicenne Studio Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr KRISTINA LUCREZIA CORNÈR Managing Editor, Cointelegraph Hobeng Lim HOBENG LIM Managing Director, APAC & BitGo JM Cravioto JM CRAVIOTO Film Director – El Chapo, Pikexia Films James Drage JAMES DRAGE Founder / Head, HEROIQ Capital Nena Dokuzov NENA DOKUZOV Coordinator of the Strategy of Digital Transformation, Slovenian Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport Gaurav Dubey GAURAV DUBEY CEO, TDeFi Web3 Incubator & Advisory Johan Lundberg JOHAN LUNDBERG Senior Investor & Board Professional, XDC Network Ida Kymmer IDA KYMMER Director Of Global Affairs, Journee Aly Madhavji ALY MADHAVJI Managing Partner & Senior Blockchain Fellow, Blockchain Founders Fund & INSEAD Karim Ibrahim KARIM IBRAHIM CEO, Robocom Florian Grummes FLORIAN GRUMMES Founder, Midas Touch Consulting Michael Amar MICHAEL AMAR Chairman, Paris Blockchain Week James Cooper JAMES COOPER Professor of Law and Director of International Legal Studies, California Western School of Law, San Diego Crypto Caesar CRYPTO CAESAR Anita Kalergis ANITA KALERGIS Xprizo Prof. Richard Werner PROF. RICHARD WERNER Chairman, Valhalla Network Flavio Villa FLAVIO VILLA CTO & Board Member, Creed & Bear Mohamed Mbarek Azzi MOHAMED MBAREK AZZI Head Manager, SASTANAQQAM Miroslav Polzer MIROSLAV POLZER Strategic Director – Climate Chain Coalition , Founder & CEO, IAAI GloCha & DigitalArt4Climate Coordinator Ralph Simon RALPH SIMON CEO, Mobilium Henzie Healley HENZIE HEALLEY Managing Partner, TCS Stefan Kimmel STEFAN KIMMEL CEO, M2 Ravi Jaganathan RAVI JAGANATHAN CEO & Founder, KrypC Lou Kerner LOU KERNER Partner, CryptoOracle Michael Mouradian MICHAEL MOURADIAN Head of Digital Assets and Markets, Bittrex Global Alex Nascimento ALEX NASCIMENTO Faculty & Co-Founder , Blockchain at UCLA Amanda Cassatt AMANDA CASSATT Founder & CEO – Serotonin, Co-founder & President – Mojito Christina Stevens CHRISTINA STEVENS President Council – Captain Planet Foundation, UN ECOSOC Advisor, Award Winning Author & Filmmaker Cinderella Amar CINDERELLA AMAR Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Glass Ventures Dr. Marwan Alzarouni DR. MARWAN ALZAROUNI Director – Information Services, Digital Dubai Hayate Matsuzaki HAYATE MATSUZAKI CBDO, GensoKishi Online – Meta World Idan Zuckerman IDAN ZUCKERMAN Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Upland Fadila Leturcq FADILA LETURCQ Co-Founder, Francophone Federation (F3) Vasseh Ahmed VASSEH AHMED Managing Director, Enjinstarter Julian Banks JULIAN BANKS Founder & CEO, Univox Dr.Jane Thomason DR.JANE THOMASON Inaugural Chair, World Metaverse Council Dmitry Fedotov DMITRY FEDOTOV Head of DLT Foundations Oversight, ADGM Andrea Nardon ANDREA NARDON CIO, Creed and Bear Marta Verse MARTA VERSE Crypto Trader Nova Lorraine NOVA LORRAINE Editor in Chief & Founder, Raine Magazine Jorge Carrasco JORGE CARRASCO Managing Director Blockchain and Digital Assets, FTI Consulting Jaafar Krayem JAAFAR KRAYEM Founder & CEO, iChain & ISLAMICOIN Pablos Holman PABLOS HOLMAN Hacker, Inventor & Entrepreneur Janes Hursthouse JANES HURSTHOUSE Head of Business Development, LlamaZOO Interactive Inc Umair Masoom UMAIR MASOOM Founder & Managing Partner, myco Sadaf Jadran SADAF JADRAN Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Genfinity LLC Samer Bishay SAMER BISHAY CEO & Co-Founder, IrisTel Steve Stein STEVE STEIN Co-Founder & CEO, XMANNA Suhail Bin Tarraf SUHAIL BIN TARRAF Chief Executive Officer, First Abu Dhabi bank Crypto Birb CRYPTO BIRB Market Analyst, Twitter Personality, Founder & CEO, The Birb Nest Bernie Su BERNIE SU Chief Content Officer, Metatheory Inc Kyle Chasse KYLE CHASSE Co-Founder & CEO, Master Ventures Emil Jimenez EMIL JIMENEZ Founder & CEO, Mind Bank AI Sebastian Becker SEBASTIAN BECKER Board Member, International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) Alexey Shadrin ALEXEY SHADRIN CEO & Co-Founder, Evercity.io Love Dager LOVE DAGER CEO, Hack for Earth Pekka Kelkka PEKKA KELKKA Web3 educator & Founder, Papa Blockchain Karen Jouve KAREN JOUVE CEO & Co-Founder, Doors3 | Web3.0 Consulting Erhan Korhaliller ERHAN KORHALILLER Founder & CEO, EAK Digital Ornella Hernandez ORNELLA HERNANDEZ Web3 Journalist , Ornella Communications LLC Dr. Pierre Taner Kirişçi DR. PIERRE TANER KIRIŞÇI Redimi Stefania Barbaglio STEFANIA BARBAGLIO Creator & Host, Financial Fox Sheraz Ahmed SHERAZ AHMED Co-Executive Director, Crypto Valley Association Benjamin Charbit BENJAMIN CHARBIT Co-Founder & CEO, Life Beyond Metaverse Jignesh Ved JIGNESH VED Co-Founder , Comtech Gold Aria Oh ARIA OH CEO, Milk Alliance Inc. Joshua Kriger JOSHUA KRIGER Co-Founder, The Edge Of Company linkedin link Chen Shanlong CHEN SHANLONG Marketing and Partnerships Lead Antonio Vietri ANTONIO VIETRI CEO, AVITA Nicolas Sarrut NICOLAS SARRUT Project Director, ADMCS Ashish Kumar Singh ASHISH KUMAR SINGH Vice President – Emerging Technologies, Expand my Business linkedin Adrian Zakhary, MSE ADRIAN ZAKHARY, MSE CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER , DEFINATION PTE LTD Chent Thambiah CHENT THAMBIAH CEO, Presence Nency Kasodariya NENCY KASODARIYA Head of Business Development, Rain Infotech Harvey Arman HARVEY ARMAN Founder & CEO, Xtar link

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