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Boba Network and BNB Chain Unite: BobaBNB L2 is Live!

Boba Network has finally launched BobaBNB L2, the first optimistic rollup based scaling solution for BNB Chain. BobaBNB L2 is now live and introduces next-gen smart contracts to enhance BNBChain making it faster, cheaper, and smarter.

As previously mentioned, Boba Network is the world’s first multichain L2 in the crypto industry. To complement this achievement, the company recently launched their state-of-the-art Hybrid Compute computation framework to provide cutting-edge interoperability for developers between the traditional Web2 and Web3 worlds, which is now being coupled with a direct integration with Binance’s BNB Chain.

For Web3 developers, this means it will be easier to build their next dApp or game with all the benefits Binance and its BNB Chain has to offer. In fact, BNB Chain is a community-driven Blockchain software system that includes developers and contributors from across the world, and is widely considered one of the most performant Blockchains in the industry.

BNB Chain and Boba Network Project Integrations

The partnership with BNB Chain and Boba Network will allow for the commencement of numerous integrations on Boba Network within the Binance ecosystem. The first movers on the new BOBA BNB L2 include:

  • Sushi: Sushi (formerly SushiSwap) is a decentralized money market and automated market maker (AMM) platform that launched in August 2020 during DeFi summer. With this integration, BNB Chain, Boba, and Sushi will combine to create a seamless experience for users, providing the ability to trade, swap, and leverage liquidity pools and other blockchain-enabled financial frameworks.
  • BIZI: BIZI is a state-of-the-art multichain smartphone and mobile platform that utilizes Web 3.0 software to provide seamless, transparent, secure access to Blockchain and crypto. This partnership allows Boba users to integrate with BNB Chain and BIZI’s flagship smartphone and wallet infrastructure.
  • Nova Miningverse: Nova is a crypto mining metaverse that allows users to stake and swap their assets and participate in player versus environment (PVE) and player versus player (PVP) gameplay formats. It also allows users to mint their own land in-game and extract bitcoin (BTC) leveraging real renewable bitcoin mining.
  • Lady Blur: Lady Bluris a mobile-based science fiction adventure game that allows players to create a rogue team of heroes whose sole purpose is to save Mars from aliens. The game features more than 30 levels of immersive gameplay, customizable skill upgrades, the ability to modify your playing style and RPG style, as well as a unique tournament style mode.
  • Chronogames: Chrono Games provides an all-in-one service for the user’s web3 adventure. From Indie to AAA, even from marketing to development, Chrono Games helps developers make games on web-3.
  • Foxtrot Command: Foxtrot Command is the new TCG that will revolutionize the blockchain. With it, users can build an incredible NFT collection, compete against other players and upgrade their in-game decks to reach the top of the leaderboard.
  • Nifty Souq: Nifty Souq is the first and largest platform for NFTs in the MENA region. Their platform enables users to explore and buy digital assets using the latest blockchain technology and features. Nifty Souq aims to inspire creators, brands, and communities from different backgrounds to share and sell their original work in the form of NFTs.

Hybrid Compute and BNB Chain

As an added benefit to using Boba Network, BNB Chain developers will be able to leverage Boba’s Hybrid Compute technology on the BOBA BNB L2. This will give BNB Chain developers another way to interoperate with internet infrastructure (Web2) via Web3 and Blockchain by integrating with any Web2 API systemization framework. This will allow builders to create more intuitive smart contracts and applications for many newfound applications and utilities (including gaming).

By leveraging the power of real-world data and off-chain compute, developers can create richer applications with greater potential and utility. BNB-enabled systemization frameworks can also take advantage of Boba’s native NFT bridge, allowing for the smooth transfer of NFTs between L1 and L2 in a seamless, transparent, and secure manner.

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