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Crypto Valley Association and Crypto Oasis to Develop Blockchain all Over the Middle East

Crypto Valley Association, the Switzerland-based association of blockchain corporates and crypto professionals, has partnered with Crypto Oasis, Dubai to connect the growing blockchain communities in both Switzerland and the Middle East. Sharing several of the same goals for the growth of a thriving global blockchain ecosystem, Crypto Valley Association joins forces with Crypto Oasis to boost the development and adoption of blockchain technology. 

Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of the Crypto Oasis, is fully focusing on connecting the Crypto Valley to the Crypto Oasis and growing the wider Inacta Group with Venture Capital and Venture Building structures in the UAE. The goal is to replicate the unique ecosystem growth strategy from the Crypto Valley into the Crypto Oasis. Inacta is also one of the founding members of the Crypto Valley Association and believes the time is ripe for this collaboration to bring the two regions closer together and bridge the geographic distance. 

The Crypto Valley Association is based out of Zug, which is Europe’s crypto capital. The Association was founded to benefit from Switzerland’s strengths to connect startups and established enterprises and foster blockchain – & cryptographic tech innovation and adoption. The alliance with Crypto Oasis will help build bridges, share knowledge and enable an exchange between crypto-passionates in Switzerland and in the Middle East.

Emi Lorincz, President of the Crypto Valley Association, said: “I am thrilled to help accelerate the global growth of the Crypto Valley Association. After opening our CVA Latin America Chapter, the Middle East, as a hub – with already 1000+ organizations – is the fitting next step for our expansion. We are delighted to partner with the digital economy in the Middle East with our focus on blockchain technology and we’re excited about this flourishing partnership with Crypto Oasis that will help us foster blockchain adoption at a global scale.“

Faisal Zaidi, Co-founder of Crypto Oasis

Faisal Zaidi, Co-founder of Crypto Oasis, will lead the Crypto Valley Association chapter for the Middle East. He said: “We are excited to announce our new alliance with the Crypto Valley Association. The two entities will play complementary roles and expedite our mutual aim to establish a leading global blockchain ecosystem. This alliance will connect a fragmented blockchain world by connecting Switzerland, which is at the forefront of disruptive technology, with the Middle East which is all set to become the new hub for crypto and blockchain”.

To initiate building the bridge between Dubai and Switzerland, Crypto Oasis is inviting the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) to visit Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland. During their visit, they will identify blockchain organizations in Crypto Valley that have the potential to migrate to Dubai to further enhance the Crypto Oasis ecosystem. These crypto companies will get a chance to explore the plethora of opportunities in this region and witness a friendly jurisdiction that welcomes disruption in the digital space. Further of these visits with other major organizations like DMCC, DWTC and ADGM are planned for the future.

The heart of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem in the world is Dubai, which is emerging as a citadel of blockchain innovation and has the potential to back great blockchain enterprises. Crypto Oasis catalyses the growth of organisations in the crypto space and like the Crypto Valley Association, it brings together investors, start-ups, corporates, researchers and government entities. The cooperation and collaboration between both will aim to advance the digital economy in the Middle East and bring distributed ledger technologies to the mainstream. 

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