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Venture Capitalist and Investor Jeetu Kataria Merges Digital and Traditional Assets in Unprecedented Move

Jeetu Kataria, a serial venture capitalist with a keen focus on digital finance, investment banking and corporate finance, is part of an illustrious group of financial industry pioneers, thanks to his experience and relentless drive to revolutionize digital economy.

Being the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX), which was awarded the ‘Most-trusted Cross-Asset Trading Platform’, he brings a trailblazing leadership style, and provides oversight and guidance for all operations related to the organization.

Merging Traditional and Digital Assets

In an interview with Unlock, Jeetu Kataria explained that merging both traditional and digital assets has always been one of his dream goals. 

In fact, it all goes back to the main purpose of DIFX, which was to create a platform where users have the option of taking part in both worlds, traditional and digital.

Instead of going through the hassle of switching digital assets to crypto and vice versa, all these steps could be avoided by using the DIFX platform, which simplifies the procedure beyond measures.

Jeetu explained, “There is a massive gap between crypto and traditional assets in today’s industry. We now have 350 million users in the crypto space, but more than 2- 2.5 billion users who are trading in commodities, Forex, etc…”.

He continued, “What I have seen since I started my digital asset journey in 2016 is that one cannot bridge the gap between these two spaces, for none wants to be involved with the other. However, I wanted to change that; the vision of DIFX was clear, and it was to create a platform where users have the option of trading in traditional and crypto assets”.

Market conditions

Kataria believes that Crypto winters are a good way to test the market and tease out weak performers because, at the end of the day, it is the stronger tech and community that survive. He considers bear markets to be the best time for building.

However, Jeetu mentioned that the situation we are in now is a bump on the road, and the future still looks promising for this space. According to him, we have not reached a bear market yet, and he is expecting a recovery after October.

He explained that the current global recession plays a huge role in what is happening, however, it is nothing but normal, as every asset decreased in 2008 and 2017 when recession hit hard. Nonetheless, if one compares the crypto market to the traditional one, it is clear that Bitcoin and Ethereum have outperformed traditional assets, even at their current low price.

Lessons learnt

With the Luna and market crash in general, Jeetu explained that reading and going thoroughly over the smart contract of a specific token or coin, in addition to how the end funds of the user are being used, is extremely crucial to secure a successful investment.

Before the Luna crash, many activities and concepts were not clear, but after that, everything popped out. The digital space doesn’t really depend on news platforms, as they provide only 10-20% of the needed information;

all valuable information is found online, from Discord to Telegram channels and the conversations happening on different portals. This is why, it is necessary to research before investing as well as staying up to date by reading valuable information.

Also, as seen, one can say that certain investments, which are considered large funds in the protocol, lead the way, and smaller ones eventually follow, hence the  situation with Celsius.

Investors having second thoughts

Knowing that all valuations have declined in the past 3 months, the crypto space has been witnessing a decrease in investments, as fear and panic have been taking over, pushing investors to take a step back.

However, as an investor, Jeetu believes that whenever there is a consolidation in the market, more niche companies will come out. Companies still have to reconsider their evaluations and provide more equity in order to remain stable and operating.

DIFX’s new update

As mentioned above, Jeetu, Founder and CEO of DIFX, a centralized exchange set on creating a new financial order, has launched its new update.

The new update contains the highly anticipated futures trading, where users can leverage traditional and digital markets to maximize their profits on assets like stocks, indices, metals, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Along with the addition of futures, the platform has revamped its layout and design to enhance the users’ trading experience, and features like custom trading views, improved biometric flow & onboarding, and multi-fiat currency converters, have upgraded the exchange to a higher industry standard.  

DIFX and Fireblocks

After announcing their partnership a few months back, Fireblocks was given the privilege of handling all of DIFX’s custody work, which means that the exchange is letting go of a huge chunk of its business. Nevertheless, DIFX still prefers that for security reasons.

Jeetu clarified, “Since I started trading in 2016, there were many exchanges that were hacked due to poor security. We chose Fireblocks because they are the market leader, and for us, security was and still is more important than losing the amount of any transaction value- it is all about trust!”.

DIFX future plans and milestones

Two platforms have existed since day 1: the DIFX exchange and the CFD platform, which includes more than 600 assets.

For the past 9 months, DIFX has been revamping the whole architecture of the exchange, as well as working on increasing the asset book; all assets available on the DeFi platform will be added to the FX one, a step that will allow the user to trade more than 500 assets on a single platform.

Therefore, in the next few months, the asset book will be diversified, as 100 assets, which will be in sync with the digital assets, will be ready to be traded with leverage. Also, localization will take place in 9 countries, in hopes of moving forward and taking the company to another level.

Walid Abou Zaki

Walid is is the founder of Unlock Blockchain, a prominent resource for blockchain and cryptocurrency news. With a career spanning over two decades in the media sector, he has been at the forefront of emerging technologies and digital transformation. Since 2017, Walid has focused his expertise on the blockchain and crypto space, becoming recognized as one of the leading opinion influencers in the MENA region

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