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Fireside Announces an Exclusive Partnership with SKALE

$100 Million Ecosystem Grant Program

SKALE announced a partnership with Fireside, the first participatory entertainment platform, to offer creator grants through SKALE’s $100 million ecosystem fund to help a new generation of media and entertainment creators transition to Web3!

Creators who qualify for the “Creators Unleashed” grant program will utilize Fireside’s Web3 content studio to launch their networks, deepen engagement with their members, and distribute NFTs en masse with a consumerized experience that bridges Web2 and Web3. SKALE will be used as the infrastructure to power the movement and help bring fans closer to their favorite shows, writers, and personalities. 

“We’re creating and helping kickstart an entirely new category for professional creators that focuses on not only owning their work but on enabling them to engage, interact and monetize en masse without any middlemen. This partnership helps accelerate the ability for the entertainment and media industry to make the transition to Web3. While we were approached by many blockchain solutions, we’re thrilled to partner with SKALE to power the most performant, secure, and eco-friendly solution,” said Falon Fatemi, Fireside CEO and Co-Founder.

Fireside will directly benefit from SKALE’s Ethereum native platform as minting, transferring, and owning NFTs through Fireside will be fast, easy, and FREE, a game-changer in making it possible to reach millions of fans in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


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