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Driving your crypto mining vehicle with Daymak Spiritus

Daymak Spiritus ,a 100 horse power mining machine, is also a crypto mining vehicle. The Daymak Spiritus powered by solar panels & propelled by electricity is capable of mining Cryptocurrencies while driving for a continuous 290km on a single charge!

The sporty Three wheeler is driven by a 75kwh engine for it’s base 19k$ version. The engine of this Electric Vehicle is liquid cooled, while its 36kwh battery pack is fully chargeable in only 4hrs.

It sits to the road on an 18 inch high, 225mm wide rims at the front & 305 mm wide single wheeler at the back. As per the website features of the Spiritus includes crypto wallet and crypto mining. The high end Spiritus costs 149,000 USD.

Although the unveiling event held by Daymak Avvenire didn’t discuss in detail the technicalities of how the car can mine crypto, the speculation on that part can be approximated by comparing the Crypto car’s powertrain to that of one of the mining Aisic machines such as the Antminer S17+

The S17+ have a 3kwh energy consumption rate and a Hash rate rate of 73 Th/s, do the math on that and its 24Th/s for every Kwh of energy power, which might mean that the “Spiritus” could be capable of generating 400$ worth of Cryptocurrency per day* on the maximum utilization of it’s 75kwh motor in the mining process.

*Calculation was made based on a 22$ daily revenue from the S17+ machine, at the price of 44k$ of a Bitcoin

written by Mahmoud Ragab, an inventor and Ex executive at Phoenix Crypto.

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