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Arab Higher Education conference to adopt Blockchain initiative

The UAE is hosting the 19th Conference of Arab Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which is organised by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO), which will be adopting the Blockchain initiative for authentication of certificates.

The conference aims to enhance Arab cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research, to achieve development, progress and sustainability of knowledge and technological progress.

Dr. Hamad Al Yahyai, Assistant Undersecretary of Curriculum and Assessment Sector at the Ministry of Education, stressed that hosting the 19th conference enhances the UAE’s stature at the regional and international level.

He highlighted the importance of the event, which represents a platform for dialogue, consultation and cooperation between Arab countries to develop higher education and scientific research systems, and support projects implemented by ALECSO.

The 18th Conference of Arab Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research was held in Algeria. The recommendations that came out of this session focused, in particular, on supporting ALECSO’s qualitative projects regarding artificial intelligence localisation and Arab universities’ ranking, promoting applied research and disseminating its outcomes, and adopting ALECSO’s initiative concerning the use of Blockchain technology for the authentication of certificates and the prevention of certificate forgery.

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