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Blockchain NFT virtual art space to launch in UAE

In collaboration with C2 Communications, is launching Metaverse Biennale 2022 (MB2022), a Blockchain enabled NFT virtual art space in the metaverse. The Virtual reality art space will open to the public in March 2022. The Virtual art exhibition space will spread over 101 halls allowing visitors to move from one hall to another.

The equivalent physical space of the MB2022 is extensive, measuring up to 100,000 virtual square meters, exceeding the size of major Biennales by many folds. Honoring the legends, the name of each hall will be inspired by great masters of art hailing from 5 continents.

Commenting on the launch, Cumai Aboul Housn, Co-founder of and an acclaimed artist, said, “MB2022 is not about achieving a technology breakthrough, it is about thinking differently and imagining a new approach that benefits from the emerging metaverse which is a privilege to redesign the art market model and achieve what is logistically impossible in the physical world. MB2022 is envisioned by artists, powered by tech. is not just another NFT marketplace; it is a community-driven ecosystem that caters to creators in the art and culture space in the MENA region. Built on blockchain technology, it offers creators and the art community a reward by contribution model.”

Highlighting the advantage of over other NFT collectibles marketplaces, Roy Aftimos, the Managing Director of C2 Communications and Co-founder of, stated, “Majority of artists, and the fine arts society in general, is technology-alienated especially when it comes to crypto exchange and NFT trading. This is where comes in handy. Our ecosystem is simple and built on three product lines, namely the Marketplace, Metaverse Space, and Creator Funds, making the platform as easy as any other social media account. Born in Dubai, it will offer an opportunity for regional fine art creators to get exposure and extend their global reach “.

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