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Accubits with a presence in UAE joins Ekta Blockchain

 Ekta, a Blockchain platform committed to bridging blockchain with the physical world, has added Future Tech and Accubits  which has a presence in the UAE, into their technical team to develop future offerings within their blockchain ecosystem.

After launching Ekta Token ($EKTA) and their own mainnet in late August, Ekta’s near term roadmap for product development includes the Petals NFT Marketplace, ShellDEX, and the Ekta wallet. According to the press release, these product offerings will lay the foundation for people and organizations to tokenize and sell their assets or services on the Ekta blockchain. Some use cases include:

  • Luxury villas and properties based in Bali available through fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs) via the Petals NFT Marketplace, making some of the world’s most desired properties available to the crypto mass market.
  • Global real-world remittance service through ShellDEX and Ekta wallet for the millions of Southeast Asians who work abroad and need a user-friendly and simple way to send money home; this market was feared to decline during COVID never did as evidenced by the almost $30 billion USD flowing from overseas Filipinos back to their homeland.
  • Play-to-earn has been disrupting gaming along with creating new income opportunities for people facing financial crises in Southeast Asia. Ekta is opening up this sector by partnering with gaming organizations like Unix Gaming and others to bring more play-to-earn games onto Ekta Chain.

Future Tech and Accubits are sister companies that provide full-service software product development and digital transformation services to Fortune 500 companies, governments, and tech startups. Two established blockchain veterans from Future Tech will be joining the Ekta team.

“Ekta is one of those rare companies that understands that in order to bridge the physical world with the digital meta-verse it takes the proper infrastructure,” explained Daniel Sloan, Future Tech Cofounder. “Ekta is building a solution ecosystem making it easier for people to bridge their real-world assets to the digital. We are excited to be their technical partner helping expand the Ekta ecosystem.”

Prior to this Accubits and Future tech worked on various projects and in the UAE back in 2018, they signed an MOU with Smart Dubai. They have also worked with NASA – co-developed conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies with NASA, JP Morgan Chase – built an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network backed by blockchain technology, Dubai Smart City – built an Electronic Medical Records solutions on blockchain and SpaceX – built an application called ChainSAT, which runs on a low earth orbiting satellite as well as with The Dubai Land Department – developed technologies to optimize land usage for economic and social development in Dubai

“Daniel and Mateo share a similar belief system to the Ekta team, making them ideal candidates to lead our DevOps team,” said Berwin Tanco, Ekta Co-founder and CEO. “With their extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of blockchain, we’re confident that our DevOps team will become a source of strength for Ekta.”

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