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UAE NFT luxury marketplace to launch in October 2021

UAE based luxury NFT marketplace, is set to launch this October. Shiny NFT Luxury marketplace will collaborate with artists to create curated and themed collections that art enthusiasts can purchase either using their crypto wallets or credit cards. Collectors can benefit from future appreciation in an artwork’s value while also supporting artists through a small royalty fee on resale.

In an interview in Arabian Business Magazine, Maria Popova, Shiny CEO states, “After the NFT bubble burst and the dust settled, we realised that what people need is a place where they can find high-quality art by promising creators, not just work that was haphazardly assembled to capitalise on a fad. “We want our organisation to give artists who have worked hard a platform to showcase their talent, and investors and customers looking to start an art collection a place where they can consistently find good, thought-out pieces. We are working on drops with Sara Shakeel, Abdulla Elmaz, Caitlyn Grabenstein and Baptiste Picq, among others. They have previously collaborated with the likes of Dior, Balenciaga, Mercedes-Benz, Emirates and Netflix, so we’re very excited to bring their exclusive pieces to our collectors.”

Maria adds, “The past year has forced us all to embrace a more remote life and accelerated adoption of digital media,” said Popova. “As the virtual world becomes an ever-increasing part of our everyday lives, people will need ways to express themselves in more digital ways. NFTs allow you to own virtual clothes, houses, art and even land. We’re very excited to see where the medium goes in the future and we want to be at the forefront of this revolution.”

Earlier this year Icecap set up its headquarters in UAE to launch its NFT Diamond marketplace.

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