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Bitcoin Whales Rescue Market, Preventing Extended Dip Below $60,000

Bitcoin managed to avoid a prolonged dip below the $60,000 mark, thanks to the concerted efforts of several major Bitcoin whales capitalizing on the price downturn, according to data from IntoTheBlock. Bitcoin whales significantly increased their holdings as prices dropped below $60,000 in Friday‘s tumultuous trading on the crypto markets, just ahead of the highly anticipated halving event.

The combined value of these transactions amounts to approximately $1.2 billion, with 19,760 Bitcoins being added to the holdings of these influential investors on Friday at an average price of $62,500.

These large holders wield considerable influence in the market due to their substantial holdings and are typically viewed as savvy, well-informed investors. Their buying and selling activities can significantly impact market trends, leading crypto observers to closely monitor their behavior for insights into potential price movements.

“Bitcoin whales may have begun buying during this downturn,” noted IntoTheBlock in a post on Friday. “Historically, accumulations by these addresses have frequently preceded upward movements in bitcoin’s price.”

This recent activity represents a notable shift in the behavior of whales compared to earlier in the week when they did not intervene to take advantage of market weakness, raising concerns about further declines. The purchases likely contributed to Bitcoin’s rapid rebound above $65,000 from its overnight lows of $59,600. Notably, prominent crypto trader Skew highlighted that the recovery was partially driven by spot BTC buyers.

Bitcoin has been consolidating in recent weeks following its record-breaking prices last month, as it was approaching its scheduled four-year halving event. Despite sell-offs pushing prices around the $60,000 mark multiple times in the past week, a significant support level has emerged where buyers are stepping in to take advantage of lower prices.

“While sellers on the margin appear to be derisking, there has also been opportunistic buying between $60,000-$62,000 levels,” noted Coinbase Institutional research analyst David Han in a report on Friday. “We think this directional uncertainty speaks to our thesis of bitcoin’s divergent roles both as a risk and a safe haven asset.”

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