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INABLR Middle East Redefines Bahrain’s Legacy of Financial Innovation with Fractional Sukuk Advancements

INABLR Middle East W.L.L (INABLR) stands at the forefront of Bahrain’s rich legacy in Islamic finance, as it successfully graduates from the Central Bank of Bahrain’s (CBB) Regulatory Sandbox, unveiling a groundbreaking Proof of Concept (POC) for fractionalized Sukuk (Islamic Bonds). This milestone not only signifies a leap forward for INABLR but also underscores Bahrain’s historical leadership in financial innovation.

With a reputation as the cradle of Islamic banking, Bahrain has long been synonymous with pioneering financial solutions. The CBB’s proactive approach has consistently propelled the nation ahead, evident in its status as the first in the region to issue a license for a crypto exchange. Now, Bahrain’s latest move to authorize fractional Sukuk and tokenize real-world assets solidifies its position as a global leader in financial innovation.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to position INABLR as the world’s premier platform for fractional Sukuk investments, making this traditional form of Islamic finance accessible to a broader audience.

Anver Jalaldeen, Founder & Executive Chairman of INABLR, expressed profound gratitude to the Central Bank of Bahrain for its foresight and continued guidance and support throughout the Regulatory Sandbox process. He stated, “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Central Bank of Bahrain for their invaluable support. Without their leadership and partnership, this monumental achievement wouldn’t have been possible”.

Ahmed Albalooshi, Board Member and Chief Technology Officer, add: “Fractioning Sukuk using innovative technologies is just the beginning of our journey. INABLR’s vision encompasses fractionalizing other real-world assets such as real estate, alternative investments, public and private shares, and much more. Our goal is to empower retail investors by providing them with opportunities to diversify their portfolios and participate in previously inaccessible markets.”

INABLR’s platform, built on the Tezos blockchain, embodies this spirit of innovation. Offering an all-encompassing solution, it integrates fractional Sukuk investments with robust KYC and AML protocols, setting new standards for transparency and accessibility in Islamic finance.

The potential of fractional Sukuk investments is vast, with the market projected to reach $2063.5 billion by 2029. Bahrain’s pivotal role in this landscape is evident, with Fitch rating over 80% of the USD dollar Sukuk outstanding from the country, totaling USD 11.4 billion, as of end-2023.

Moreover, the Bahraini Islamic finance industry’s robust performance, estimated at USD 77 billion as of end-2023, underscores the nation’s enduring prominence in the global financial arena. INABLR’s success within this thriving ecosystem is a testament to its commitment to innovation and collaboration.

As INABLR continues to redefine the possibilities within Islamic finance, it not only cements Bahrain’s legacy of financial innovation but also sets the stage for a future marked by inclusivity, transparency, and progress.

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