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China’s Leading Fund Managers to Pursue Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong

Two of China’s leading fund management firms, Harvest Global Investments and Southern Fund, are pursuing applications for spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

According to reports from regional sources on Monday, both companies are seeking approval from Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to introduce spot bitcoin ETFs, marking a significant shift in China’s investment landscape.

Harvest Fund Leads the Charge Sources familiar with the situation revealed to China’s Securities Times that Harvest Global Investments, known as HGIUK, has taken the lead in filing an application with the SFC. Established in 1999, Harvest Fund caters primarily to international clients, particularly those with interests in the Chinese market. As domestic stock market challenges persist, HGIUK is experiencing growing demand for cross-border investment opportunities, prompting its foray into the cryptocurrency space.

Joining the race is Southern Fund in addition to Harvest Fund’s initiative also referred to as CSOP, is reportedly in the process of seeking approval for a spot bitcoin ETF. This move highlights the growing interest among Chinese investment giants in cryptocurrency-related products.

Furthermore, China Asset Management, known as China AMC, is said to be collaborating with a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency custodian, which signals broader industry involvement in the digital asset market.

Industry insiders anticipate that the regulatory approval for cryptocurrency-focused ETFs will likely materialize by the second quarter of 2024.

Southern Fund has a track record in this space, having introduced Asia’s first bitcoin futures-based ETF, the “Southern Dongying Bitcoin Futures ETF.” Meanwhile, Harvest Fund’s strategic initiatives suggest a broader approach beyond futures ETFs, focusing instead on spot bitcoin ETFs.

Moreover, Hong Kong’s regulatory bodies have signaled their commitment to supporting innovation in the cryptocurrency sector. In fact, Hashkey Group, a prominent provider of digital asset financial services in Asia, anticipates definitive announcements regarding the Hong Kong Bitcoin spot ETF in the first half of this year, highlighting the region’s growing significance in the global cryptocurrency landscape.

As China’s investment giants venture into the cryptocurrency market through spot bitcoin ETFs, they signal a broader acceptance and adoption of digital assets within traditional financial institutions.

With regulatory support and industry engagement on the rise, Hong Kong isready to become a pivotal hub for cryptocurrency innovation and investment in the coming years.

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