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BRICS Nations Collaborate on Blockchain-Powered Payment Infrastructure

Russia, a member state of the BRICS coalition, has unveiled plans for a groundbreaking blockchain-driven payment system aimed at transforming trade settlements. This system is poised to operate autonomously, facilitating transactions among BRICS member nations.

The BRICS alliance, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is embarking on a collaborative effort to create a payment infrastructure leveraging blockchain technology and digital advancements. This initiative forms part of a broader strategy to bolster BRICS’ presence within the global monetary landscape.

During an interview with Russian news agency TASS, Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov disclosed this development, underscoring its significance. Ushakov asserted, “We view the establishment of an independent BRICS payment system as a crucial objective for the future, utilizing cutting-edge tools like digital technologies and blockchain.”

Highlighting the imperative nature of this undertaking, Ushakov stressed the necessity for a system that is user-friendly for governments, enterprises, and the public, while also being devoid of political influence and economically efficient.

Moreover, Ushakov referenced the objectives articulated in the 2023 Johannesburg Declaration, which prioritized increasing settlements in national currencies and diversifying correspondent banking networks to ensure the security of global transactions. However, he refrained from providing a specific timeline for the launch of the new BRICS blockchain payment system.

The BRICS consortium has been actively pursuing de-dollarization, exploring alternatives to the U.S. dollar in international settlements. Beyond the payment system, they are advancing the development of the Contingent Reserve Arrangement using currencies other than the U.S. dollar.

Ushakov affirmed, “Efforts will continue to expand the Contingent Reserve Arrangement, with a focus on utilizing currencies independent of the US dollar.”

The transition towards a blockchain-based payment system aligns with prevailing global financial trends. Klaas Knot, Chair of the Financial Stability Board, recently underscored in a letter to G20 finance ministers that crypto assets, tokenization, and artificial intelligence are among the key priorities for safeguarding global financial stability.

According to a recent report from TASS, the Russian Finance Ministry, in partnership with the Bank of Russia and other BRICS collaborators, is actively engaged in developing the “BRICS Bridge” multisided payment platform. This platform aims to bolster the efficiency and accessibility of the global monetary system.

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