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Polygon Introduces Type 1 Prover, Advancing ZK-Proofs for EVM Chains

Polygon has recently introduced the “type 1 prover,” a new technology set to facilitate EVM-compatible chains by enabling the adoption of zero-knowledge proofs.

Scheduled for release later this year, this prover represents a major leap forward from Polygon’s previous type 2 proving mechanism, offering compatibility with a wide array of EVM chains without the need for hard forks or client adjustments.

Brendan Farmer, co-founder of Polygon, emphasized the versatility of the type 1 prover, stating that it can generate zero-knowledge proofs for any EVM chain seamlessly. This aims to propel a diverse range of blockchains, including side chains and optimistic roll-ups, towards becoming validiums – specialized Layer 2 networks leveraging zero-knowledge proofs for heightened efficiency and reduced transaction costs.

In the validium model, only zk-proofs are stored on the Ethereum mainnet, with transaction data held off-chain, supported by a data availability solution. This approach stands in contrast to ZK-Rollups, which also require publishing proofs of app data on the Ethereum mainnet.

Farmer highlighted that projects have the option to transition into full-fledged ZK-rollups with the type 1 prover, emphasizing that the decision ultimately lies with the respective teams.

Transitioning to a ZK-based network presents several potential advantages for Layer 2 projects, notably the elimination of the seven-day withdrawal delay associated with optimistic rollup solutions.

Farmer also identified this delay as a significant pain point for users, resulting in unnecessary time and cost burdens.

With the ZK transition, chains can be seamlessly connected through Polygon’s interoperability protocol – the AggLayer – promising unified liquidity and interoperability for Layer 2s.

The AggLayer, set for release in February, will serve as a critical component of Polygon 2.0, ensuring consistent security across modular and monolithic chains within the Polygon ecosystem.

The unveiling of the type 1 prover and the forthcoming AggLayer highlights Polygon’s commitment to advancing blockchain interoperability and scalability, offering developers and users alike a more efficient and seamless decentralized experience.

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