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Apple Vision Pro Set for Crypto-Focused Metaverse Gaming App

Apple’s latest spatial computing platform, Apple Vision Pro, is essentially functions as one, incorporating top-notch Augmented Reality features. Bridging the gap between Mark Zuckerberg‘s immersive metaverse vision and the crypto realm is Victoria VR.

This upcoming game boasts impressive visuals and immersive gameplay, capitalizing on the extensive capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro alongside the influence of Web3 technology.

The game is positioned as the first Blockchain-based MMORPG in virtual reality with realistic graphics built on Unreal Engine and owned by its users. The developers aspire for it to transcend mere gaming and fully embrace the concept of an alternate reality.

An eponymous utility token is already in place, and initial signs indicate a positive reception from collectors. The game’s tokenomics center around the Victoria VR token, pivotal for transactions, rewards, and user engagement within the platform. Its value witnessed a notable surge from $0.006 in September 2023, experiencing a 106% increase between February 1 and 2, peaking at $0.046 before stabilizing at $0.04 with the revelation of the impending app.

However, this surge falls short of its zenith during the launch period from December 2021 to January 2022 when it peaked at $0.6. In essence, original Victoria VR token holders would require a 1,400% bull run to break even—an expectation that might surpass mere optimism and delve into unwavering faith.

Considering Apple’s historical cautiousness towards crypto and in-app economies, including the prohibition of token-gated content, it remains uncertain if Victoria VR can materialize as planned.

The Victoria VR model, detailed in a whitepaper, envisions a game where citizens are empowered to shape the world’s future, evolving and living without reliance on its original creators.

The in-app economy is designed to reward active participation and contribution to the metaverse, redistributing half of the revenue from in-game asset sales among stakers and active users. This incentivizes users not only to engage with the platform but also to contribute to its development.

By fostering active participation, users can earn tokens, steering towards a self-sustaining economy where every action holds the potential for reward. Victoria VR stands as a robust attempt to merge Web3 and the metaverse using Apple’s Vision Pro. Whether it can pave the way for crypto mass adoption or succumb to the fate of overhyped crypto games will become clearer upon the game’s potential launch this spring.

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