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Cardano Foundation’s New Annual Report Focuses on Resilience, Education, and Adoption

The Cardano Foundation, a pioneering Swiss-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing the public digital infrastructure of Cardano, has unveiled its highly anticipated second Activity Report.

The document highlights the Foundation’s efforts across three pivotal areas: operational resilience, education, and adoption.

Central to its mission of bridging Cardano with the global community, the Foundation has concentrated its efforts on diversifying and amplifying activities on Cardano. However, this endeavor is not without its challenges, ranging from the complexities of implementation and ownership to the lack of familiarity with blockchain technology.

The 2023 Activity Report highlights several exciting projects:

1. Enhancing Operational Resilience

  • Introduction of enhanced network monitoring capabilities for global block propagation, facilitating real-time evaluation of network health and providing valuable insights to stake pool operators (SPOs) worldwide.
  • Unveiling of CIP-1694, a pioneering Cardano Improvement Proposal co-authored by the Foundation, which outlines a more inclusive and equitable on-chain governance model, ensuring every ada holder has a voice in Cardano’s governance.

2. Facilitating Real-World Education

  • Forge of successful partnerships aimed at advancing blockchain adoption, exemplified by collaborations with Brazilian state-owned energy giant Petrobras and full-stack apparel ecosystem Merchadise.
  • Provision of a diverse array of tools and expert resources, including the Cardano Academy and the Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) course, catering to stakeholders across various domains.
  • Development of the Cardano Explorer, a vital resource designed to offer high-quality educational materials on third-generation blockchain technology, accessible to all, ensuring transparency and accountability.

3. Driving Adoption through Innovation

  • Unveiling of Aiken, an open-source programming language, boasting execution cost savings of up to 90%, thereby lowering barriers to entry into the ecosystem and fostering innovation.
  • Provision of freely accessible tools such as the open-source Identity Wallet and Ledger Sync, designed to expedite enterprise onboarding and drive widespread adoption.
  • Continued progress in the Foundation’s partnership with Switzerland for UNHCR, where the Cardano community has already raised 5.2 million ada to support displaced individuals.

It is worth noting that unlike the previous year, where financial summaries were included in the report, this year’s financial information will be released separately in the second half of 2024, following the annual audit.

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