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Easy and Simple Tips for Users Ensuring Safe Funds Amid Hacks and Breaches

Data Privacy Week is here, and as the crypto scene in the MENA region and the world keeps changing, it is crucial to make sure one’s crypto funds stay safe.

This being said, crypto exchange Binance gave out simple tips to make sure the users have a secure and transparent experience.

Knowing that the crypto industry is considered to be new and ever-evolving, not everyone knows enough about keeping their data private. In fact, people and companies are still figuring out how to protect data and privacy rights. However, some simple yet important steps are definitely needed to make sure users are in safe hands.

The most important ones include:

  • KYC Protocols

Always use exchanges which follow Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures that adhere to global standards. When accessing crypto services, users must ensure that they undergo a thorough verification process that ensures transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Enable MFA with dynamic requirements that adapt to different account activities to strike a balance between security and convenience.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

Utilize platforms that use real-time monitoring systems employing AI and machine learning. This allows users to receive immediate risk notifications and benefit from transaction safeguards against suspicious activity.

  • Dark Web Surveillance

Stay proactive by monitoring the dark web. Work with platforms that actively share findings with law enforcement, reinforcing a commitment to user data protection.

  • User-Driven Privacy Protection

Users shall empower themselves with tools like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), anti-phishing codes, withdrawal whitelists, and custom alerts. These features, which are offered by several platforms including Binance, fortify user accounts against various threats.

With the awareness that scams have been on the rise for years now, leading companies operating in the crypto space are leveraging technological innovations such as blockchain encryption to enhance data privacy and security in financial transactions.

This requires an agile mindset and constant collaboration with governments, advocacy groups and industry bodies to ensure the consistent delivery of a secure digital environment for users.

Nevertheless, despite concerns over illicit activities, Chainalysis’ new 2024 Crypto Crime Report underscores the growing maturity of the crypto sector. In fact, crypto crime accounted for just 0.34% of the total on-chain transaction volume in 2023, showcasing a small fraction in the broader landscape of legitimate transactions.

The total sum amounted to US$24.2 billion, a significant decrease from the all-time high of US$39.6 billion in 2022.

As we observe Data Privacy Week and witness the continuous evolution of the crypto landscape in the MENA region and globally, safeguarding one’s crypto funds remains paramount.

Recognizing that the crypto industry is still relatively new and constantly evolving, it becomes essential for users to take proactive steps in securing their data and privacy.

As the crypto community stands together in facing new challenges, it’s crucial for platforms to stay strong, and all users must stay alert and meticulous to protect the integrity of the industry.

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