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Gaming Giant Ubisoft Ventures Deeper into Blockchain, Joins Wemix’s Node Council for Wemix 3.0

Ubisoft, the renowned publisher behind gaming hits like Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six: Siege, is making a new entry in the blockchain space as it joins WeMade’s Wemix blockchain node council.

This strategic partnership positions Ubisoft among the 40 influential partners overseeing validator nodes for the newly launched “Wemix 3.0” network, which has seamlessly transitioned from the Klaytn mainnet and aptly rebranded the older chain and token as “Wemix Classic.

Distinguished by its Ethereum-compatible EVM blockchain, the Wemix 3.0 operates on a proof-of-stake authority consensus algorithm, blending the principles of a proof-of-stake structure with a proof-of-authority model.

Essential to Wemix’s functionality, blockchain nodes—computers running the blockchain’s software to verify transactions—are diligently operated by partners. Ubisoft, assuming the 26th position in the Node Council Partners (NCP), is affectionately referred to as a “Wonder” by the Wemix team, which plans to enlist a total of 40 such partners.

Ubisoft’s proactive venture into the blockchain gaming landscape, especially in comparison to other major Western publishers, remains steadfast. In 2021, the company stirred controversy by introducing in-game NFTs to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, sparking criticism from gamers.

Undeterred, Ubisoft delved deeper into the crypto sphere, taking on roles as a node operator for the Hedera blockchain in 2022 and the Cronos blockchain in 2023.

The announcement of its upcoming blockchain game, Champions Tactics, accompanied by a successful NFT mint launch, underscored Ubisoft’s ongoing commitment to blockchain technologies, driving millions of dollars in trading volume within hours.

Beyond blockchain, Ubisoft is diversifying its technological ventures by exploring AI-generated video game dialogue, demonstrating a holistic embrace of cutting-edge innovations in the gaming industry.

As gaming companies continue to embrace the transformative potential of blockchain technology, Ubisoft’s strategic move to join Wemix’s Node Council sets big expectations.

The convergence of established gaming giants with blockchain networks not only propels the technology’s mainstream adoption but also opens up new avenues for innovative gaming experiences.

With Ubisoft’s commitment evident in ventures like introducing in-game NFTs, operating as a node on various blockchains, and exploring AI-generated game dialogue, the industry is witnessing a dynamic shift. This collaborative synergy between gaming and blockchain points at a promising era, where decentralized technologies play a pivotal role in shaping the future of interactive entertainment.

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