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Google’s Bold Step: Redefining Cryptocurrency Advertising for Global Audiences

Given the substantial spending during the Super Bowl on February 11, it's anticipated that a majority of advertisers might be focused on crypto ETFs.

In a move aimed at providing clarity and structure to its advertising policies, Google has announced updates to its Cryptocurrencies and related products policy, set to take effect from January 29th, 2024. The changes primarily focus on refining regulations concerning the advertisement of Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts.

The revised policy seeks to delineate the parameters and prerequisites for advertising Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts, intending to offer users a clearer understanding of the scope and requirements for such advertisements.

Google aims to ensure that advertisers offering Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts targeting the United States adhere to specific criteria and attain certification from Google to advertise these products and services.

Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts encompass financial products that enable investors to trade shares in trusts holding substantial pools of digital currency. The updated policy provides examples of such trusts, highlighting their role in facilitating investment opportunities in the digital asset space.

In the event of policy violations, Google’s approach emphasizes a graduated enforcement strategy. Rather than immediate account suspension, advertisers found in breach of the policy will receive a warning at least seven days before any potential account suspension. This approach allows advertisers an opportunity to rectify any non-compliance issues and align with the policy guidelines before facing severe consequences.

It’s important to recognize that these policy changes will have a global reach, applying to all accounts advertising Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts across various regions. Google reiterates the significance of obtaining certification and complying with the updated policies to ensure a seamless advertising experience while upholding legal and ethical standards.

Google’s readiness to permit advertisements related to ETF products and spot Bitcoin marks a significant stride towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. By potentially allowing crypto-related ads during colossal events like the Super Bowl, which will be taking place on February 11, 2024, Google acknowledges the burgeoning significance of digital currencies in the global financial landscape.

This move not only signifies a shift in advertising policies but also underscores the platform’s recognition of the growing interest and acceptance of cryptocurrencies among the masses. Allowing such high-profile advertising opportunities not only promotes visibility but also fosters greater public awareness and understanding of digital assets, potentially catalyzing their broader adoption and integration into everyday financial practices.

As a matter of fact, Google released in August 2023 its new guidelines for advertising NFT games, which commenced on September 15, 2023. Advertisers are now allowed to promote NFT games devoid of gambling-related features, focusing on in-game item purchases to enhance player experiences or game progression.

Approved examples include virtual apparel, weaponry, or armor for characters, while explicit restrictions bar promotions involving wagering or staking of NFTs for real-world gains, social casino games rewarding NFTs, or any real-money gambling promotions within game destinations.

The updated policy signifies Google’s commitment to fostering a transparent, compliant, and user-centric advertising ecosystem, setting benchmarks for responsible advertising practices within the evolving landscape of digital currencies.

Anna K.

Anna K. is a Senior English Editor at UNLOCK Blockchain. She pursued her studies in Translation at USJ, and later obtained an MA in Conference Translation and another in International Relations. Anna has worked in reputable organizations such as the ICC, UNDP, ESCWA, STL and An-Nahar Newspaper. She also has 3 years of experience in digital marketing, which allows her to combine the best of both worlds.

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