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Binance Subsidiary BV investment Management Withdraws Abu Dhabi License Application

Responding to Misinformation: Binance Remains Committed to UAE

In a recent development reported by Reuters, Binance’s subsidiary, BV Investment Management, has withdrawn its application for a license with the Abu Dhabi financial regulator. This news has sparked discussions surrounding the evolving regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies and the interplay between innovation and compliance.

Media Fueled by a Negative Narrative

While acknowledging the heightened media scrutiny towards the crypto industry, often fueled by a negative narrative from traditional media outlets influenced by the established financial sector, including the recent reporting by Reuters which portrayed the application withdrawal as directly involving Binance, it’s crucial to recognize the immense potential of crypto in revolutionizing financial systems globally. Despite ongoing challenges and regulatory uncertainties, the crypto industry holds significant promise for positive change.

BV Investment Management’s strategic decision to withdraw its application reflects a deliberate shift in its global licensing strategy, aligning with the company’s evolving priorities. This proactive approach demonstrates Binance’s commitment to navigating the dynamic regulatory environment surrounding crypto.

The global Binance platform is completely unaffected by this development and Binance (AD) Limited still holds a FSP to carry out the regulated activity of providing custody, in relation to virtual assets. This withdrawal only applies to a FSP held by BV Investment Management Limited for the management of a collective investment fund.

“When assessing our global licensing needs, we decided this particular licence, held by BV Investment Management Limited for the management of a collective investment fund, was not necessary and therefore voluntarily applied to cancel it”, a Binance spokesperson explained. Abu Dhabi has emerged as a leader in the virtual and digital assets ecosystem, a global hub that encourages innovation and responsible growth, while diligently guarding user interests. We remain committed to continuing our work with regulators to provide world-class services and offerings in the Middle East and beyond,” the spokesperson added. 

Concurrently, Richard Teng’s recent appointment as Binance’s CEO highlights the company’s continued focus on the Middle East and North Africa region. Dubai serves as the headquarters for its regional operations, showcasing Binance’s commitment to regional growth and regulatory compliance.

Binance presence in UAE continues

Further strengthening this commitment, Binance maintains regulatory permissions in both Dubai (MVP Operational license with VARA) and Abu Dhabi (VA operational active license with ADGM). The company’s ongoing recruitment efforts in Dubai further underscore its dedication to shaping the region’s crypto regulatory landscape.

While the withdrawal of BV Investment Management’s application is noteworthy, it’s important to avoid sensationalized reporting by attributing the action directly to Binance. The company’s continued regulatory permissions and commitment to the region demonstrate its long-term vision and proactive approach to navigating the evolving crypto landscape. Binance remains fully committed to continuing work with Abu Dhabi regulators (and all other regulators) to provide world-class services and offerings in the Middle East and beyond, the company emphasized.

With increased compliance efforts and a clearer regulatory framework, the crypto industry has the potential to overcome its challenges and become a mainstream financial force. While Reuters’ report focuses on a specific development, it’s crucial to acknowledge the broader context and immense potential of crypto to revolutionize the financial landscape. This potential extends beyond the scope of a single application withdrawal, encompassing the future of Binance and the crypto industry as a whole.

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