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Michael Jackson’s First Studio Demo to Drop on Blockchain, Music History Unleashed!

Decades-long anticipation reaches its climax as the world braces for the release of a cultural treasure – the inaugural studio recording of a young Michael Jackson and his brothers, dating back to July 13, 1967.

This historic recording, titled “Big Boy (One-Derful Version),” will break its silence as a “digital vinyl” on December 7th, marking a groundbreaking moment in musical and blockchain history.

The unveiling will take place through the innovative blockchain music platform, Anotherblock, known for its pioneering work with global music icons like Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber.

This collaboration between Recordpool, custodians of the original recording, and Anotherblock, a Swedish blockchain-based music and royalty marketplace, promises a unique musical experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Accessible for a limited 48-hour window, this release transcends conventional boundaries by offering both an open edition and a limited collector’s edition.

Fans will not only have access to the recording but will also find themselves immersed in a digital gallery showcasing images of the master tape and song stems, further enriching the auditory experience.

Michel Traore, CEO, and co-founder of Anotherblock, spoke passionately about this endeavor, highlighting its significance beyond mere commercial value. “Doing this drop as a digital vinyl on-chain makes it possible to build stories and community around the song and elevate it beyond being just a commodity,” Traore told Cointelegraph.

“This new format gives us a chance to craft more stories around the music,” Traore added, emphasizing the desire to preserve and celebrate the essence of iconic pieces amidst the deluge of contemporary releases.

Moreover, the sentiment was echoed by Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, who expressed her excitement for the release, stating that “the recordings of our musical heritage find a new rhythm for the digital age.” She continued, “It is a testament that the Jacksons’ story, just like our music, remains timeless.”

As the world awaits the digital resurrection of this cultural relic, anticipation surges not just for the music but for the dawn of a new era in preserving and cherishing musical legacies through blockchain technology.

The release of “Big Boy (One-Derful Version)” is poised not just to captivate audiences but to redefine the way we perceive and safeguard musical heritage in the digital epoch.

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