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UNDP Partners with Algorand to Launch Global Blockchain Academy for Staff Development

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), a global agency focused on eradicating poverty and fostering sustainable development, is gearing up to elevate its workforce by imparting blockchain expertise to its 22,000 staff members.

In a momentous move announced on November 30, the UNDP revealed its collaboration with the Algorand Foundation to establish a comprehensive blockchain academy slated for launch in 2024.

This academy is envisioned to serve as an educational cornerstone for UNDP personnel spanning 170 countries, providing intensive training on distributed ledger technology and blockchain.

The curriculum aims to enlighten employees about the potential applications of blockchain technology, emphasizing its role in fostering financial inclusion, enhancing supply chain transparency, tokenizing real-world assets, and revolutionizing digital identity practices.

Speaking at the Algorand Impact Summit in New Delhi, Robert Pasicko, UNDP’s expert in alternative finance and low-carbon development, emphasized that this partnership represents an opportunity to “upskill, empower, and inspire UN practitioners globally.”

The academy’s agenda includes a comprehensive array of lectures, hands-on workshops, and practical assignments, aiming to equip the UNDP team with the necessary tools to tackle intricate global challenges utilizing blockchain technology, Pasicko noted.

Echoing this sentiment, Doro Unger-Lee, Head of Education and Inclusion at the Algorand Foundation, stressed the critical role of education as the initial stride toward identifying and executing impactful blockchain applications aligned with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Algorand, renowned for its layer-1 blockchain, designed to facilitate secure, efficient, and scalable applications, experienced a subtle uptick of 1.5% in its native token, ALGO, trading at $0.135 at the time of the announcement.

In 2018, the UNDP partnered with the Blockchain Charity Foundation to explore distributed ledger technology’s potential for social causes, according to Cointelegraph.

Additionally, UN Secretary-General António Guterres established a ‘High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation’ in 2018, highlighting blockchain technology’s significance in global digital endeavors.

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