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Trust Wallet Encounters Bitcoin Node Issue, Causing Transaction Disruptions

Trust Wallet, a prominent non-custodial wallet provider, recently faced a technical setback linked to a Bitcoin node, causing disruptions for users, including failed or delayed transactions and missing transactional records within the wallet application.

The glitch was attributed by the wallet’s team to a surge in Bitcoin transactions across the network. “Increased transactions per block in the Bitcoin network are putting pressure on nodes, causing instability across providers,” the team announced via a statement.

Acknowledging the issue, Trust Wallet assured users that they were closely monitoring the situation. However, they cautioned that “users may experience missing transaction history for the Bitcoin-blockbook chain, up to six hours, and failed transactions.”

It is worth noting that the Bitcoin Blockbook, originally developed to support Trezor wallets, serves as a crucial blockchain indexer and backend solution for cryptocurrency wallets. It facilitates efficient queries for specific data, including transaction history and wallet balances.

Responding to user feedback, some individuals aired grievances, highlighting that the problem had persisted for several hours. Despite Trust Wallet’s assurance of actively working to resolve the issue, no further updates have been provided since the incident was reported yesterday.

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