Unprecedented Growth: 2,100+ Firms Join AI’s Job Market Surge

Deel’s data shows an increase in global AI hiring over the last year: September 2022 - September 2023

AI‘s meteoric rise across the GCC region and beyond has sparked a revolution in the business landscape, championed by groundbreaking innovations and swift integration.

Deel, a comprehensive HR platform for global teams, delved into this AI surge to assess its impact on job opportunities. Their findings reveal a global spike in AI-related roles, with over 5,000 active contracts in AI, Data Science, and Software Engineering reported by Deel as of September 2023.

With more than 2,100 organizations participating in this hiring wave, the pace of growth has exceeded expectations, painting a compelling narrative of AI’s ascent in the job market.

Analyzing the trends between September 2021 and September 2023, Deel’s data unveils significant growth:

  • AI, Software Engineering, and Data Science roles paid through Deel organizations surged by 60% in the past year.
  • There was a 59% increase in organizations hiring for these roles.
  • The United States led in AI hiring, closely followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
  • India emerged as a dominant player in new AI roles, with the US increasingly hiring AI talent in Brazil, Canada, and Argentina, showcasing city hotspots like Toronto, Bangalore, and London.

The surge in AI hiring knows no geographical boundaries, propelled by the rapid embrace of AI technology on a global scale. This trend toward international hiring has been facilitated by emerging Employer of Record (EOR) models, fostering the cross-border integration of highly skilled AI professionals.

Moreover, since the inception of ChatGPT, AI talent’s internationalization has seen noteworthy trends:

  • India has taken the lead in creating new AI roles, spanning AI Engineer, AI Training Lead, and AI Computer Vision Engineer positions.
  • The US has been increasingly hiring AI talent from Brazil, Canada, and Argentina, while Germany, the US, and the UK have seen a substantial rise in new AI contracts.

This data illustrates the expansive reach and growing demand for AI expertise, showcasing a global landscape where borders hold minimal barriers to the burgeoning AI industry’s growth. In fact, more detailed breakouts by quarter below:

Note: Entities in new countries were added throughout year, which could account for fluctuations in salary data by region.

The comprehensive report and its illustrative charts undeniably highlight an extraordinary surge in AI job opportunities, marking a significant milestone. However, amidst this rapid expansion, a profound question looms large—a question that has captivated the world for years: Will AI replace humans?

Despite the exponential growth in AI-related roles and the technology’s integration across various sectors, the current landscape suggests that AI is not poised to supplant human roles entirely. Instead, it seems to be augmenting and complementing human capabilities, fostering a symbiotic relationship between technology and human expertise.

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