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BSN Foundation Introduces Founding Members for Decentralized IT Advancements

The BSN Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, has unveiled its founding roster of five esteemed members: Blockdaemon, GFT Technologies, TOKO, Zeeve, and Red Date Technology.

Spanning various countries like the U.S.A., Germany, and Hong Kong, these entities boast expertise across blockchain-as-a-service, real-world asset tokenization, and financial consulting.

At the helm of the BSN Spartan Network, the Foundation is committed to fostering a decentralized layer within the Internet infrastructure.

Recognizing the potential of public chain technologies in augmenting traditional private IT systems, the BSN Spartan Network, introduced commercially in December 2022, presents a decentralized cloud service solution. This innovative approach operates on non-cryptocurrency public chains as operation systems, fostering open-source virtual data centers.

These centers facilitate node installation for non-cryptocurrency public chains, allowing businesses to deploy smart contracts and develop dApps while transacting in fiat USD or USDC instead of unregulated cryptocurrencies.

Christopher Ortiz, Group Chief Executive and Global Markets and Region Manager APAC & UK at GFT, emphasized the ease of building blockchain applications with the BSN Spartan Network, sans the challenges posed by volatile crypto prices and unpredictable development costs.

Dr. Ravi Chamria, Zeeve’s CEO, lauded the Foundation’s vision, aligning with their mission to simplify blockchain adoption for enterprises. This decentralized cloud service solution promises enterprises the benefits of blockchain technology while ensuring financial stability and regulatory compliance.

The five founding members bring a rich, multinational experience to the BSN Foundation. Blockdaemon specializes in institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure, GFT Technologies drives digital transformation, Zeeve empowers developers with Web3 Infrastructure Automation, TOKO offers digital asset tokenization, and Red Date Technology contributes to fundamental IT system infrastructures.

Andrew Vranjes, VP of Sales and General Manager of APAC at Blockdaemon, pledges support for advancing decentralization, aiming to simplify BSN Spartan processes while maintaining institutional-grade security.

The Foundation’s governance structure comprises three core committees overseeing R&D, governance coordination, and commercial affairs. Each member holds an equal voting right on critical decisions shaping the network’s future, fostering a decentralized governance model.

Scott Thiel, Managing Director of TOKO, anticipates contributing expertise in governance and regulatory compliance, enhancing the broader IT industry beyond cryptocurrencies.

Looking ahead, the BSN Foundation eyes expanding its membership to 40 leading international companies, aiming for a decentralized IT infrastructure with equal voting rights among members. Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology, envisions this collective initiative revolutionizing traditional business operations and data communication, promoting the concept of public IT systems complementing centralized architectures.

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