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Ethereum’s Newest Layer 2 Network, Blast, Funnels $30M within Hours of Launch

In a rapid show of enthusiasm, investors swiftly funneled more than $30 million in Ether and stablecoins into Blast, the newest Ethereum layer 2 network, mere hours after its late launch on Monday.

This surge in investment signals a robust appetite for Layer 2 networks, additional protocols built atop layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum, aimed at mitigating bottlenecks concerning speed, cost, and scalability.

Blast’s allure extends beyond its swift adoption; it’s the platform’s distinctive setup that captures attention. Depositors instantly begin earning yields on transferred ether alongside BLAST points, a unique feature setting Blast apart from other networks.

“Blast natively participates in ETH staking, with staking yields passed back to L2 users and DApps,” the team explained in a post. “We’ve reimagined the L2 structure so that 1 ETH in your Blast wallet grows automatically over time.”

However, withdrawal or on-chain engagement is slated for Blast’s mainnet launch in February, rendering it invite-only for now, accessible solely through specific invitation codes. Additionally, the redemption of BLAST points commences in May.

Among the bridged funds, data reveals over $19 million in staked ether on Lido, promising an annualized yield of up to 4%. Another significant portion, $3 million, resides on Maker, while a smaller fraction of $150,000 in dai (DAI) stablecoins remains dormant, according to CoinDesk.

Users who bridge stablecoins receive Blast’s auto-rebasing stablecoin, USDB, deriving its yield from MakerDAO’s on-chain T-Bill protocol.

It is worth noting that Blast successfully secured over $20 million in funding, spearheaded by Paradigm and Standard Crypto, and is steered by the pseudonymous figurehead ‘PacmanBlur,’ a co-founder of the NFT marketplace Blur.

PacmanBlur highlighted Blast as an extension of the Blur ecosystem, empowering users to earn yields on idle assets while bolstering the technical infrastructure necessary for advanced NFT offerings.

This momentous launch significantly impacted BLUR prices, witnessing a 12% surge in the past 24 hours, indicating investors’ positive reception to the release of Blast.

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