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M2 and Phoenix Group Pioneer High-Yield Crypto Investment Collaboration

M2, a prominent cryptocurrency investment platform, has announced a new collaboration with Phoenix Group, an IPO-ready company, to provide investors with market-leading Bitcoin and Ethereum yields, offering returns of up to 10.5%.

These returns are supported by one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining operations, designed to reduce counterparty risk and minimize volatility for crypto investors.

Stefan Kimmel, CEO of M2, explained that their collaboration with Phoenix Group allows them to offer investors genuine returns through Bitcoin mining, distinguishing their approach from other platforms that typically rely on proof of stake or lending mechanisms.

The strategic partnership with Phoenix Group empowers M2 to offer investment yields based on real returns generated by a substantial 725MW Bitcoin mining operation.

Bijan Alizadeh, Co-Founder, and Group CEO of Phoenix Group, expressed his pride in achieving their vision of establishing a comprehensive UAE crypto exchange, providing unparalleled returns backed by one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining operations.

M2 has already launched its platform, offering investors opportunities to invest in virtual assets through a range of high-quality investment products that exceed regulatory requirements. In fact, in a recent interview with UNLOCK Blockchain, Stefan Kimmel, CEO of M2, explained that the commitment to regulation serves as the foundation for all of M2’s operations, emphasizing transparency, security, and the safety of customer deposits.

It is worth noting that M2 holds a Bahamas License from the Securities Commission of the Bahamas, enabling the global distribution of its M2 Earn product. Furthermore, the company is actively pursuing licenses in several European countries and navigating the markets in the MiCA licensing process.

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