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    SpaceChain Sends Blockchain Technology to Space Station

    SpaceChain announced that its blockchain hardware wallet technology is on its way to the International Space Station (ISS), aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of today’s CRS-19 commercial resupply service mission. This is the first techn
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    European Space Agency Funds SpaceChain

    ESA Business Applications and Space Solutions, under its Kick-start Activity program, has awarded funding to SpaceChain UK to further develop and identify commercial use-cases for its satellite blockchain technology.ESA’s Kick-start
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    SpaceChain Lists token on CoinPlug

     SpaceChain, a community-based space platform, has announced that its SPC token is now tradable on CPDAX (Coinplug Digital Asset Exchange), a digital asset exchange launched by Coinplug in 2017.  CPDAX lists SpaceChain’s Ethereum-based SPC ER
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