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    ArcBlock Releases Decentralized Identity ABT Wallet and Blockchain Developer Tools

    ArcBlock, a blockchain platform for production-ready decentralized applications and enterprise blockchains, announced today that they are releasing a new version of their decentralized identity wallet. With this release, ArcBlock is delivering a new decentralized identity wallet experience that is dynamic and supports users’ daily life. ABT Wallet moves beyond fundamental static interactions. With ABT Wallet, ArcBlock is making it easy for anyone to take back control of their digital identity and day-to-day activities with nothing more than a mobile device. ABT Wallet 2.0 now includes: A new user-experience for managing accounts and digital properties, Easier to connect and interact with applications, services, and connectionsand A streamlined way to check activities and transactions.
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    ArcBlock Releases Production-Ready Blockchain Platform

    ArcBlock announced the launch of ArcBlock Blockchain which will allow to develop and manage decentralized applications in a simple way. It takes users a couple of minutes to build DApps on the public or customized blockchain thanks to the Blocklet design.
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