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BrickVision (BRICKS)

Real Estate
Digitalising the Real Estate sector using Blockchain Technology
2018-07-01 - 2018-09-30
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Everyone who has ever purchased or rented a real estate property has probably experienced the complexity of this process; a process in which many different parties have to conduct out different actions. This complex process has not changed over the past decennia’s. The reason: the real estate sector is a traditional sector with minor technological innovations.


What is BrickVision?

BrickVision will become the first worldwide platform that digitalises all processes in the real estate sector for any (commercial) type of property and creates a decentralised application enabling service providers to offer real-time services to consumers and other organisations related to a real estate property.


What is the mission of BrickVision?

Starting a digital revolution in the real estate sector (living and working) by creating a decentralised application, making collaboration more rewarding for organisations than competition and giving maximum control back to the consumer over their data and privacy, all in a user friendly way.


What are the problems in the real estate sector?

  • Inefficiency due complex processes and lack of trust;
  • Private data is insecurely saved by different organisations;
  • No transparent processes, benefitting the middle man;
  • No uniformity within the real estate sector, resulting in friction between organisations and the need to enter data twice in different systems;
  • The lack of regulations and law in the real estate sector in various parts of the world makes it vulnerable to fraud and conflicts of interest.


What is the solution?

BrickVision aims to solve these problems by digitalising the processes within the real estate sector through open source code and smart contracts, or in short: the blockchain technology.


  • Trust by technology and open source code instead of persons and centralised organisations;
  • Frictionless collaboration between consumers and organisations thanks to a decentralised database and application;
  • Privacy by design, consumers and organisations regain maximum control over their privacy, data and documents.


BrickVision consists of two decentralised applications:


BrickContract: Step 1

In BrickContract we digitalise both purchase and rental processes for a real estate property. The digitalisation ensures security and transparency beneficial to the consumers. Organisations profit by a more optimised, efficient, lower cost and secure flow of processes (generate legal documents) with a pay per use model, allowing them to focus on their core business.


BrickCode: Step 2

In BrickCode we are connecting various parties in one application; giving service providers the ability to offer real time services related to a real estate property; and giving consumers the possibility to manage all their services in an easy, secure and decentralised way. 


Examples for services are: utilities like water, electricity, internet, property valuations, mortgage and more. The possibilities for services by organisations are endless in the sector living and working.


Why BrickVision?

BrickVision creates a solution with a valid businessmodel beneficial for both the consumers and organisations. Both BrickContract and BrickCode have a revenue model in which a small fee is paid for a transaction by an organisation. 50% of this transaction fee goes back to the community; the token holders of BrickVision.


Why BrickVision uses the blockchain technology?

Smart contracts and decentralisation make it possible to automate and digitalise processes while safeguarding privacy and security. Next to that, nobody wants to give one centralised party, potentially the competitor, the power and control over all processes and data. This problem can only be solved by a decentralised application and open source code.


Why BrickVision chooses the ICO funding structure?

Like explained above, the problem is only solvable through a decentralised application and open source code. The advantage of an ICO is that we will not face any conflicts of interests with concerned parties regarding open source code and privacy when creating BrickContract and BrickCode, which means BrickVision is able to follow the mission and vision it believes in.

Kevin VermaatCo-founder
Niels BreureCo-founder
Ramón Esteve CuevasSenior Developer
Tomas NorkunasMarketing and Communications manager
Matthew HennesyDesigner

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