Finoa partners with Black Manta Capital Partners for crypto custody solutions

Finoa partners with Black Manta Capital Partners for crypto custody solutions

Finoa is a leading institutional-grade custody and asset-servicing solution for Digital Assets, customized to Institutional Investors, HNWI andcorporations. Reference customers include Bankhaus ScheichINVAO GroupInflection VC and Crane VC. Finoa has announced its collaboration with Black Manta Capital Partners providing a secure and compliant custody solution for issuances on the Black Manta Capital Partners’ platform, starting with the Real Estate STO Tigris S17A in Berlin. In a press release Christian Platzer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at BMCP stated, “Germany’s crypto custody legislation triggered a wide range of service providers in the digital assets space to apply for a BaFin licence. The German legislation was a crucial step to bring the confidence and liquidity of professional players to the space. In Finoa we see a team that is not only well positioned to cater to the high end investor class, but who bring also a mindset to the table that will be needed to develop this rapidly emerging market.” 

Christopher May, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Finoa: “We are pleased to support the growth of the token economy by partnering with Black Manta Capital Partners for the Tigris S17A project and are looking forward to many further exciting projects along the line.”


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