Adastra and OneLedger Bring Blockchain/DLT to Market

Adastra and OneLedger Bring Blockchain/DLT to Market

Adastra Group, a firm in data management and analytics, announced a partnership with Blockchain as a Service provider, OneLedger, to bring a distributed ledger platform to the North American market to support customers’ Digital Transformation needs.

This new collaboration will leverage Adastra’s award winning expertise in data, AI, mobile app and business app development as well as stunning UI/UX design, providing a wraparound Digital and Design ecosystem while supporting OneLedger’s expansion into North America.

OneLedger’s mission is to increase the adoption of blockchain technology from small businesses to enterprises with a focus on the Supply Chain and Real Estate industries.

The company approached Adastra to assist with sales and client relations due to Adastra’s knowledge and experience in Emerging Technologies – in particular, distributed ledger technology and blockchain.

OneLedger is currently working on a Blockchain EDI solution that will be a substitute to Supply Chain EDI using blockchain infrastructure. Blockchain EDI will seamlessly integrate with current ERP systems, allow manufacturers, distributors and retailers to transfer Purchase Orders and Invoices in a cost and time-efficient manner, and is scheduled to be in the market for Q1 2020.

In Real Estate, OneLedger is working on building a blockchain infrastructure for real estate data, where all the properties are tokenized, transactions are verified and data is queryable, making it a one-stop hub for all real estate transactions.

“OneLedger is a world-class distributed ledger company with leading-edge technology,” said Marcos Da Silva, Director, Analytics, Products and Strategy, Adastra Corporation. “Through this partnership, we are able to help companies deploy this emerging technology as part of their overall digital business strategy.”

“Partnering with Adastra will take OneLedger to the next level with our Enterprise Blockchain Solutions,” said One. “Adastra’s extensive expertise in AI, IoT systems and mobile development is exactly what OneLedger needs to push the industry forward into real world solutions for blockchain technology."

While newly launched, this alliance is already in motion. Adastra and OneLedger have already begun discussions with a B2B rideshare program in the Middle East that is expanding in the region and needs a data repository supported by applications for internal and external stakeholders.

Adastra and OneLedger are also in discussions with a Canadian municipality to help deliver digital government services, starting with establishing a digital identity for residents.

“From healthcare and finance to government and retail, digital enterprises throughout every industry are building and deploying distributed ledger technology to help secure their business operations and as a foundation to deliver value to their customers,” said Da Silva.


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