Announces Crypto Loan Launch Announces Crypto Loan Launch has announced the launch of its new feature called ‘Crypto Loan’ where funds in the spot account can be used for crypto loan requirements. It enables users to lock cryptocurrencies that they hold to borrow other coins for trading, without having to transfer their assets in their margin accounts. Users can use their spot accounts to borrow crypto funds for trading.

The minimum interest of the loan will be calculated per 4 hours. After the first 4 hours, the interest will be calculated on an hourly basis. Currently, the annual interest rate for USDT and BTC loans is about 7.3%. Users can earn a stable profit with an annual interest rate of up to 73%, by placing lending orders (with BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)through’s lending and borrowing markets.

This is an opportunity for users to expand their crypto capital opportunities, especially when they don’t hold a sufficient crypto position to fulfill their trading requirements.

Crypto Loan is beneficial for beginners and advanced traders as they get more options to capitalize on their funds where they can use the collateral to earn added profits using’s staking program HODL&Earn. This isn’t possible in standalone crypto lending products. Therefore, gets one step closer in providing a wide variety of crypto features to fulfill all our user’s crypto needs in a unified and secure manner,”’s CMO Marie Tatibouet said in a statement. 

With emerging crypto lending companies, crypto exchanges, and other service providers, the crypto space has become fragmented along the way. While this is a good sign in terms of crypto adoption, lack of regulation can make the crypto space slightly overwhelming for its users and challenging for traders to seek multiple platforms for their specific crypto needs.



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