Consensys Invests in Allinfra

ConsenSys has invested and is supporting  Allinfra, a platform to facilitate direct investment in unlisted infrastructure. Allinfra will bring the financial benefits of this attractive market segment to a broad spectrum of investors, and provide an alternative source of financing to qualified infrastructure asset developers, owners and operators. 

Historically, direct access to unlisted infrastructure assets has only been available to the largest institutional investors. Other investors have been limited to access via layers of intermediaries, leading to narrow asset choice, higher cost and little to no opportunity for near-term liquidity. 

In a transformational shift for the market, Allinfra will make the financial and commercial benefits of unlisted infrastructure assets accessible to a broad spectrum of investors through an Ethereum blockchain solution that provides for the creation, purchase and transfer of economic or ownership interests in these assets in a compliant, transparent and efficient manner. For existing asset owners and operators seeking to finance infrastructure assets, Allinfra enables access to a broad, diverse funding base. For existing investors, including large institutions, Allinfra provides a path to liquidity previously unavailable. Allinfra’s initial target infrastructure segments include energy production, distribution, storage, transportation, telecommunications, water and waste treatment, education and health.

 “We believe Allinfra will bring significant benefits both for those seeking exposure to infrastructure and those looking for financing,” said Dave Sandor, Co-founder and CEO of Allinfra. “Direct access and choice, coupled with fewer intermediaries and a path to liquidity will deliver the investor greater opportunities. Access to a broader investor base will offer asset owners, operators and developers a deep pool of capital that over the longer term will hopefully bring down the cost of financing. Over the next several months we will be in the market supporting a flagship infrastructure tokenization project.”

Allinfra is the culmination of years of experience across capital markets, renewables, infrastructure, and technology, and is led by a team of veteran industry experts. Allinfra will rely in part on ConsenSys’ strong technological capabilities and deep expertise in the rapidly growing tokenized assets space.

  “The Ethereum blockchain enables enterprises to consider financing structures never before thought attainable to raise capital for massive infrastructure projects in a more accessible manner, resulting in more transparent and equitable markets,” said Joe Lubin, Ethereum co-creator and ConsenSys founder. “At ConsenSys, we deeply support companies bringing greater access and efficiency to investors and enterprises. In the case of unlisted infrastructure, a traditionally restricted, and illiquid asset class, Allinfra will enable a wider audience to efficiently access and participate in the economic benefits of these assets.”

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