HetaChain officially raises $185.65 million from Private Sale

HetaChain officially raises $185.65 million from Private Sale

HetaChain is a Blockchain platform invested and developed by Relam Investment, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. HetaChain is built to become a third generation Blockchain platform that can be widely applied throughout healthcare systems, education, commerce, retail, government management, and help create a more advanced economy.

HetaChain’s Private Sale recently ended on November 10th, 2018. A Public Sale thereafter opened up from November 11st, 2018 to February 10th, 2019. After finalizing the investment procedures HetaChain officially received $185,650,000 in private equity investment from more than 60 investors. Most of whom include institutional investors and investment funds from various countries around the world, specifically targeting investors from the Middle East.

“We have accomplished our plan to create an independent source of funding for HetaChain in the next 10 years,” said Sultan Ali Lootah, Chairman and CEO of HetaChain, “we would like to thank all our investors, partners, and associates who have supported HetaChain over the past few years. Our goal in the near future is to improve the technical system and invite new partners to use the platform of HetaChain as soon as possible. Right now is only the beginning!”


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